LADIES, Would You Wear Sarkodie’s G-String/SARKS Underwear?

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I am not sure how I feel about it but would my partner find me super sexy and will I feel comfortable in Sarkodie’s underwear is what I should be asking, since it seems we will be having some soon on the market…

Since my adulthood, I’ve only wore H&M, Victoria Secret and La-senza—and now that SARKS ladies underwear may be on its way, I am thinking I could add the Sarkodie’s flavour to my collection…

Hope it will not be overly expensive though!


Check out the below recent Sarkodie interview with NewsOne;

What Are You Working on Now?

“I am currently working on Sarkology. That is my new album coming out which has Illumanati, Gunshot, the new one with Fuse; Down On One, Halleluyah, Lies and more. This is basically a double CD album which is coming out. We are not too sure about the date but it has to come out before December and we have videos coming out as well.

“Aside music, we are also working on the Sark Collections. We have the new collections coming in by January. We have new designs for the snapback caps, shoes for ladies, jeans for ladies, underwear for ladies and ….

You Mean You Now Design G-Strings?

“Well not me designing G-string for ladies per say. You know I have a partner who designs most of the stuff. She is a lady and we have also realized that we have a lot of females patronizing the shop, so we decided to capitalize on that and meet their needs. I have not seen the ladies underwear myself but I believe they would be nice. I have seen the pictures of the other products.”

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