Being You In Fashion | Becoming Stylish!

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Have you ever waken up in the morning, started to get ready for work/school, opened your closet and realized you have no clue what to wear? You flip through your clothes rack and nothing seems appropriate? Too casual, too dressy, that doesn’t match, there’s nothing to wear this with, too short, too long, too dull, too loud, inappropriate… So at this stage, you wrinkle your face and consider skipping work/school all together?

Every girl faces that at least every other day and even the guys who are usually not as fussy also face this dilemma. I mean, is it just me or has anyone else realized it too? Guys these days have become very particular about their appearance. I mean extremely conscious and picky about what they wear and how they look. No? They’re not gay!

I’m used to guys fussing about how much time ladies spend just to pick out an outfit or put on makeup. They complain, groan and beep the car horn in frustration because we can’t be ready on time; especially for those events that we want to look extra special for. Guys never get that we do it for them. All for you, so you can feel good. You know (don’t pretend) the feeling you get when you have a beautiful woman walking beside you.

These days however, it looks like the tables have turned. I know guys that check themselves out FOREVER in the mirror and try on ten different shirts because they want to look attractive in what they are wearing. So, on and off the jeans and shirts (and even the shoes) go till they finally make up their mind. And it’s not like they have a variety of options to choose from. At the end of the day, it’s still pants and a t-shirt!

So as a fact, we ALL have our indecisive moments about that perfect outfit for that special occasion or even just our casual events, which will not only show off our style but also give off a bit of our personality. Sometimes it’s attributed to lack of creativity, not having all the cool clothes that are in vogue, not having enough clothes or even sometimes the fact that those clothes could very much cause extreme damage to our pockets.

People sometimes wonder how to become stylish. The first thing you should do is to understand what being stylish means. A stylish person is not a fanatic follower of fashion. In fact, style is mostly associated with individuality; it helps to reveal a person’s character, mood and even dreams. A stylish person is good at choosing the kind of clothes which ideally fits.

So how do you look and feel your best without spending so much money. It’s not that difficult really!

  • Identify what works for you The first step is finding out what your personal style is. It simply means discovering what clothes make you feel comfortable or make you feel yourself. You need to know what you want or you will end up copying everything you see. Are you a very girly chic who loves dresses, colorful patterns and skirts? Or do you feel more comfortable as a tomboy, in baggy jeans and t- shirts? Are you more laidback and conservative or does your fashion sense scream, vibrant and eccentric? The options are limitless so identify which category you fall under. It would help you select what types of clothes you need.

Most fashion magazines, in helping you stay in style often suggest certain items which are what they call ‘the basics’ and they usually include items like: a black mini dress, an official blazer, black pumps and the what nots. While it is very helpful, I do not agree because in some cases, those clothes end up not being worn because they do not reflect your personality. I am myself a victim. With the obvious exception of work clothes because of the society in which we live and our idea of job clothes and the codes that go with it, I would not suggest labeling any clothes as ‘the basics’. I will give a scenario: so what happens to the clothes if you do not know how to walk in heels or if you do not like dresses?

The aim here is to get you to develop your own style that would make you stand out and not to follow everything you see the celebrities do.

  • LearnAs a beginner though, the best way to learn something new is to find good examples. You can learn by just looking at how stylish people that you identify with choose their clothes, how they combine them. While you are walking along the streets, try to single out the people who look stylish. And to the girls (I know the guys won’t be too keen on this one) read fashion magazines, watch fashion channels and chalk up original ideas. Learn but don’t copy.
  • RevisionThe second step is revision – look critically at your wardrobe. I guess you will find some useless clothes you were going to throw out many years ago but something always stopped you. It’s a great time to realize your long-term plan. Get rid of the clothes which are “un-wearable”. Be merciless!
  • Begin with the safe combinationsIf you are not quite sure about right combinations, the best choice are ‘classic’ variations: black-black, black-white, grey-white and monochrome combinations. You should also check which colors and which style of clothes fit you. Don’t add unnecessary details to a perfect combination.
  • Find out what fits you!It’s very important to find the kind of clothes which ideally suit you. Don’t be afraid to try on the types of clothes you haven’t ever tried. New colors and new variations will help you to determine your own style. Don’t limit yourself!
  • ExperimentAs you reach the level where you feel confident, begin experimenting. Work out your own image by means of unusual clothes combinations. Wear clothes that match your personality or even your moods! You don’t need to blend in! The risk is allowing you to think out of the box. Be daring enough to mix your clothes and don’t be afraid to ask the question: How do I look?

Being stylish is an interesting challenge. Your style of clothes should ideally fit your whole image: your make-up, haircut and your accessories. But most importantly, your outer image should reflect who you are inside. In summary, just be you!