Fashion & The Church | Do People Forget The Church Is The House Of God?

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to look and feel good. In my opinion, clothes serve the most important calling of covering our nakedness. I mean, no matter what level of education each of us have, we are all aware that there are three things no human being can live without, namely: food, shelter and… (Yup, you thought right)… CLOTHING! We can all agree that right from birth; it has been firmly imprinted in our brains that nakedness equals some kind of mental ailment, especially as we grow older.

So the question now is why. Why has it become trendy and fashionable to walk around confidently, without an iota of shame and in the full view of the public half naked? Why has it become the in-thing to expose parts of the body that we ALL agree to tag as “private”? And why (in God’s green earth) do we feel comfortable to extend our new found confidence to the church? Why? It’s not a rhetorical question, or something to think about… I would really appreciate some answers!

I cringe sometimes when I see some outrageous combinations of cloth some of us paste on our bodies as clothes but it’s a jaw dropping moment to witness such outrageousness in the presence of God! I mean, to CHURCH of all places! Where the primary aim is to worship God! Trust me; with you looking like that, everything you do is bouncing off the ceiling and right back to the ground!

No, I am not a sexist. We all know who the guilty party is and I was very much a female, the last time I checked! It is totally disgraceful fellow ladies! Church should be the place with the highest level of decency but sadly, there’s no difference between most of today’s church and the club.

Sometimes, I am absolutely convinced that some of us make a bee line straight to church after partying hard all night! It’s disheartening the level we are ready to stoop for attention! Don’t get me wrong here, like most young women today, I love fashion! I love being creative with my outfits and trying different things but we should all know when and where to draw the line.

The church used to have very strict dress codes not too long ago (some still do). It almost felt like boarding school at some point. I mean, you weren’t going to get punished or have your inappropriate garments seized but the stares and glares alone were always enough to set us right on the straight and narrow path. And if that didn’t work for you, there was always the public embarrassment from church elders… That ALWAYS worked!

Now though, even that has lost some of its potency because it’s very likely that these church-common-sense-lackers and fashion criminals can blow up in your face and tell you exactly how they feel about you calling them out! And they don’t mince words too, it doesn’t matter who you are! Talk of bold!

Anyway, I think it’s about time we started sieving what we decide to copy and begin to re-adjust our standards because with what is on display now, I doubt there is any hope for the coming generations!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking attractive and looking good but when that crosses the line and people start to ask “What is she thinking?”, it’s time to look at the girl in the mirror and change your ways!


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  1. I see no better reason why girls will dress so immodest, and enter the church so confidently without the shame of being notice half naked. It’s a pity that most churches do encourage such immoral dressing. Some churches ofcourse, have become mini- clubs. May God open our eyes to more spirituality.