Obrafour Says He Can’t Wait To Reunite With Reggie Rockstone On The ‘Back In The Day’ Concert Stage After My Years Of Not Performing On Same Stage + MORE



Reggie Rockstone started a movement which has become the HIPLIFE we have today. But the movement needed certain people to pull in the crowd and make it effectively attractive. And one of the forward runners who defined Hiplife by giving it the needed root is Obrafour….

I am yet to meet a person who will doubt the fact that Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album is the best of all the time, the album that fueled the whole Hiplife movement—pulling millions of Ghanaians to the genre.

To be frank, because Hiplife started by riding so strongly on the back of Hip Hop, it was seen as unattractive and thoughtless. In the early days, many people failed to see any sense in the lyrics to the extent that some avoided listening to it—on the grounds that, Hiplife songs had no lessons to teach or carried ‘not so important’ messages.

With his ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album, Obrafour single-handedly succeeded in turning things around. It was not only his heavy punch lines that did the magic, the deep and thoughtful messages his songs carry also helped in bringing Hiplife to the attention of many—including the old.

It is therefore exciting that Obrafour will be reuniting with Reggie Rockstone (something like the founder and evangelist reunion) after my years on the ‘Back in the Day’ Concert stage at the Accra International Conference Centre on 6th December, 2013, alongside Grammy award winning Hip Hop trio-‘Naughty By Nature’.

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com yesterday from Accra, Obrafour said; he cannot remember the last time he was on the same stage with the Grandpapa-Reggie Rockstone and as such, he is looking forward to joining hands with Reggie to thrill Hiplife lovers with splendid performances.

On what fans should expect from him on the night, Obrafour calmly stated that; Reggie Rockstone’s excellent stage craft leaves him with a desire to do his best to ensure that, he stands out on the night…

Tickets for the ‘Back in the Day’ Concert are selling for GHC100-VIP and GHC60-Standard. You can also win a FREE ticket by Clicking Here

This year’s ‘Back in the Day’ Concert is proudly sponsored by rlg and organised by Empire Entertainment.

Listen to our interview with Obrafour below



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