CLOSE SHOTS: Who Would You Rather? Jackie Appiah Vrs Yvonne Nelson

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Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah, 29, can be perfectly described as an African woman, considering the manner she carries herself and the way she has embraced her complexion—in the face of the numerous skin lightening/bleaching activities around her…

On our screens, she is a Queen to a huge following across the Globe, who ‘literally’ worship her. She started as a shy young girl but Jackie has matured and graduated to become a confident on-screen personality.

Yvonne Nelson, 28, who started as a Tomboy at the Aggrey Memorial Secondary School has found her feminine side and has decided to take a stand with that. It would not be contemptuous to describe her as a typical modern day black woman who finds beauty in changing a lot of things about herself—including her complexion.

On our screens, she is over confident and has a strong desire to succeed, though, this is mostly undermined by her failure to put her ego in check.

In these close shots, we ask; who would you rather? Who do you think has the ‘near flawless’ face?

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

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  1. well the pics are not even Good for comparison.. How can you put yn face only pic with ja shall I say portrait pic?? speaking of skin lightening. ja was Way darker.. Okay fine ja takes it..she looks great but next time do a fair comparism..

  2. Well they all look good in their own way. I love both actress but in life we all have our favorite. My favorite is Jackie!!! I just love everything about her. Even John dumelo picked Jackie over yvonne his bestie in one of his interview. Jackie’s facial expression is priceless.

  3. i wld go for Jackie!!she is one beautiful,natural n a humble woman whose rly dwn to earth,u dont hear any bad thing about her…not that yvonne aint pretty oo,she is too..but she needs to calm dwn when it comes to these social medias e.t.c. she shd humble herself n be very careful..Jackie all d way!! 🙂

  4. you all know Jackie all the way. you even not suppose to compare them. Yvonne looks like a living dead body. she looks hungry and scary.