DO YOU KNOW THAT: Laughter Could Harm You?

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Sometimes it is difficult to know what is the truth and what is not, when it comes to scientific findings. I clearly remember reading an article where a study said, laughter is the cheapest and best medicine you can give to yourself.

Today, another study says laughter may not be the best medicine after all and could even harm us. Despite the many known benefits of chuckling, for some people it has proven to be more dangerous than expected.

One woman with racing heart syndrome collapsed and died after a giggling fit, say researchers.

The research which was published in the British Medical Journal stated among other things that, laughing ‘fit to burst’ has been found to cause possible heart rupture, a torn gullet and epileptic seizures.

A quick intake of breath during laughing can provoke an asthma attack, while some people have suffered from incontinence and even hernias.

According to the researchers, their findings challenge the view that laughter can only be beneficial but do add that humour in any form carries a ‘low risk of harm and may be beneficial. It remains to be seen whether sick jokes make you ill, dry wit causes dehydration or jokes in bad taste [cause] dysgeusia (distortion of sense of taste),’.