Most Ghanaian Entertainment Journalists/Reporters Are Lazy! Kwame Hagan Throws A SHOT…

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I have spent time over the years following news circulating in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. There is one particular thing that I have come to realize: this has to do with the one way reporting of issues by Entertainment journalists/bloggers.

Most often, I browse from site to site with the hope of getting varieties of stories to read, but I find the same stories on all the various entertainment websites. When I talk of same stories, I do not mean reporters covering the same event or even writing about the same issue in their own perspective. What I am referring to is exact content being copied and pasted on every site with little or no credit given.

Try browsing from one entertainment site to another and you will find out what I am talking about. Stories with the same headlines and same contents appear on almost all the sites. It is of no use to jump from one website to the other because you are sure to find the same news articles (word to word) on these sites.

I am sure it is only one person who sits down to write the stories. The rest just copy and paste the stories on their various websites after the first has been published it.

This does not only happen in the online world. Most television and radio stations also do the same. When it is time for entertainment news, all they do is to lift the story from a website (sometimes with the same photograph that accompanies the story) and read it out to the viewers or listeners.

Most times, a viewer or a listener can just predict the stories they are going to bring up, since they have read them from a website already.

With my little knowledge and as a media student, I know there are lot of things that entertainment journalists can write about concerning our little industry. Yet, a visit to some of these blogs/websites will prove otherwise.

The question is, are these reporters lazy to write or what?

Article was submitted by Kwame Hagan, a level 400 student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

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