The BEST But Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For You

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Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  There’s always so much happiness, love and music in the air! It’s also the time of the year when we could all use a little extra help finding those extra special holiday gift ideas for the special people in our lives.

The best holiday gifts always come from the heart, and the most heartfelt gifts come from the hands. So this season I made it my personal goal to dig out some fun and festive ideas that would make perfect customized holiday presents. And the best part is that there’s nothing quite like them anywhere else and you don’t need a ton of money either. So, if you’re ready, let the creative juices flow.

1. A seasonal welcome mat: This would quite possibly be the warmest welcome of the holiday season. And it doesn’t get warmer than a custom made door mat. All you need basically is an old rug, some cardboard paper or old Christmas cards, super glue, a pair of scissors and some old Christmas ornaments. You can pick out any Christmas story you like and draw it out on the cardboard paper or cut out the designs from old Christmas cards. Clean out the rug and stick the designs to it. You could also play around with some Christmas ornaments to give it the proper Christmas feel. Leave it to dry and voila!

2. A stylish hardware handbag: It seems like a task but you can make your own custom bag and have fun watching people’s jaws drop when you tell them you didn’t buy it! The only challenge would be whether you would still want to give it away when you are done (unless you plan to make a few) You will need a canvas bag, a skinny belt, a lock, hinges (you can get them at any hardware store), needle and thread, spray paint, an old newspaper and a pair of scissors.

First, place the lock on the newspaper in a well ventilated area, paint and leave to dry. Next stitch the hinges flat below the handles of the bag. Be sure to reinforce the stitches through the holes several times. You will then cut slits wide enough for the belt to go through on the front of the bag and two in the sides (just like belt holes). The belt needs to loop through the front of the bag and the inside. Finally, loop the belt through the holes and attach the lock! Fab isn’t it. What a cool way to glam up an ordinary bag!

3. A motion photo album: Add a special twist to watching those special memories. Collect as many pictures as you have with friends, family and loved ones and make your very own seasonal custom slide show with Windows Movie Maker! It is absolutely easy and so much fun. You can add music, texts, videos, animations and so much more. You just need to make sure your pictures are in soft copy. It’s perfect if you’re totally broke and it’s probably the most heartfelt gift. It’s great for just about any special occasion. Just burn it on a CD and your loved ones can watch it anytime they think about you! It doesn’t get sweeter than that.

4. A Christmas hamper: What is Christmas without a hamper? The best part is that ABSOLUTELY anything can go in it, from chocolates and wine to shower gels and scented candles. Spice it up! Throw in things no one would ever really expect, like a spa ticket or gift card…Think outside the basket.

5. A random hug: It seems so little but it goes a long way to make people feel special. Especially to random strangers. Did you know that hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger? And it’s ABSOLUTELY free! No therapy needed. So let’s spread some cheer this season…

There’s a lot more fun (and blessings) in giving than receiving. That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about really. You don’t have any excuse to be empty handed!

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