Christmas Is Almost Here…Juliet Ibrahim Sends Her Season Greetings & Diamond Appiah Sings Ghana’s Version of Jingle Bells…

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Juliet Ibrahim Season Greetings
Juliet Ibrahim’s Season Greetings

Ghanaian actress-Juliet Ibrahim has released her own Season Greetings card which carries her Christmas message to all—especially her fans.

And to ensure that the underprivileged are not forgotten this Christmas, musician-Diamond Appiah has also released a Ghanaian version of the Christmas carol, Jingle Bells—-to help remind people to give out to the poor this festive season…

Check out Diamond’s Jingle Bells song below



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  1. At least diamond made a little sense but juliet its Christmas not a bedroom surprise for ur husband ur outfit/costume is wrong

  2. Nice video n nice song,the words is even better than da original and she’s looking good too,as for juliet,da least said abt her flat chest n costume da better,p3 ataadei sh3 na enko yei

  3. julliet dis looks like something for play boy magazine,are we safe lol ,on the other hand dis is a good reindition of jingles by diamond.she is begginging to make sense with her music unlike before when she was asking ppl to taste her tinz lol