PHOTOS: Mzbel & Baby-Aaron

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Mzbel and Aaron

Ghanaian musician-Mzbel who seems not to have returned from her musical break has shared some cute photos of herself and her handsome baby-Aaron…And we know you will love them.

Though we are not sure when/if Mzbel will be returning to music, she has started making appearances at events, which sort of indicates that she wants to stay relevant—and may be dropping a new song for the fans.

Check below for more photos





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      1. @kobby, u must be drunk or blind not to see an ill looking bleached skin like dis,u r da fool here besides i wrote wot is obvious sp why r u insulting me,ur a senseless ape.mtchewwww

    1. @pat, What is so wrong with this baby? He’s so handsome… though am not a fan but the truth must be told. Becareful on how you describe someone’s baby because you also a female, one day yours will pop out for others to rate as well.

      1. @Jennie, well da writer said handsome n y’ll know beauty lies in da eyes of da beholder so why r u attacking me for saying da plain truth.mzbel is not a strikinly beautiful gal like jackie.she is just normal looking wit nothing extra ordinary abt her so is common sense dat her child who looks like her will look same,nothing extra ordinary abt him for the writer to exageraate abt.i hv seen cute n handsome babies n dis one doesnt come close,period!

        1. @sandra, take a look at his funny wide mose n mouth lol dat has destroyed da cuteness of his face,now i hv given u tangible reasons for my comments,if u dont understand go n drown urself in da korle river