Looking At The Total ‘Character Worksheet’, Do Ghanaian Dancehall Artistes Deserve Corporate Brand Ambassador Deals?

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Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Some Ghanaian celebrities, spanning the major sects of our creative art industry – movies, music, broadcasting, fashion and modeling, have one way or the other been offered corporate brand ambassadorial deals before…

Though corporate bodies contract showbiz celebrities to brand or market their products and services, they also take into consideration the total ‘character worksheet’ of the person (celebrity). After all, nobody throws good money over bad money.

Dancehall music, which is believed to have originated from Jamaica, has most of its artistes engage in all sorts of social vices – dissing of other dancehall music compeers through their songs/videos, smoke ‘hard’ drugs, some are alcohol addicts, fights mostly come along with their concerts, don’t keep their dreadlocks neat, dress shabbily, amongst others.

Most popular (and even unpopular ones) Ghanaian dancehall artistes also engage in same or similar above acts. Today it is Bandana dissing Samini; tomorrow it is Bandana against Stonbwoy; the next day it is Iwan spitting at Samini; the day after, it is Shatta Rako abasing Samini.

They spread diss songs on various social media platforms, Tweets crude messages containing swear words, affront and make unfounded allegations against each other on both radio and television interviews; making the dancehall music arena, a ‘stinking’ place in our music industry.

However, dancehall music is as equally good as other genres of music. We have talented dancehall musicians in Ghana who with time, can match up with other international dancehall artistes.

They have great songs and have sharp charismas. They also have huge die-hard followers or fans. They command crowd with their performances anytime, anywhere. Dancehall is now the ‘inn thing’ in Ghana’s music or showbiz industry.

But, my question is, do Ghanaian dancehall artistes deserve corporate brand ambassadorial deals? I guess it’s a journey of discoveries. Let’s do some talking if you have any to share. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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