DO YOU KNOW THAT: A Lack Of Sleep ‘DAMAGES The Brain In A Similar Way To Being Hit On The Head’?

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Without sleep, the body becomes exhausted and the performance of the brain can be weakened. It becomes almost impossible to concentrate when you’ve gone for a day or two without a sleep.

But according to a new study, it is worse than the above. It has been found that, going without sleep for just one night causes changes in the brain similar to those that occur after a blow to the head.

Explaining the findings of the research, Professor Christian Benedict, of Uppsala University, Sweden has stated that; ‘What we found was their levels in the blood rose in the group that went without sleep for a night. This was not to the extent that would happen after a head injury, for instance, but it was still significant. During sleep, the brain cleans itself of toxic substances and NSE and S-100B increase in response to these substances.’

Previous research has shown that, the brain uses sleep to cleanse itself and that and a lack of sleep with increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

In concluding his finding, Professor Christian Benedict said ‘the findings of our trial indicate a good night’s sleep may be critical for maintaining brain health.’

GC Staff Yaa