Do You Want Him To Pop The Question? – Don’t Worry; Here Are 5 Tips To Get You That Ring In 2014!

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We are in a new year and if you are like me, you are still wondering how the heck you are still without that ring. It doesn’t help much that during the festive period, wedding invitations increased by exponential proportions. Every time I go for any wedding, I keep wondering how the bride was able to get that ring.

Not to worry, together with a few single friends like me, in consultation with some new brides, we have put together  the absolutely most-do tips for any single girl looking to end next year-2014 in style. Forget any other advice you may have been adhering to, it obviously doesn’t work.

Be best friends with his Mum: This is very tricky as it could either go well for you or may very well end your relationship. Being best friend’s with your boo’s Mum entails shopping for her, calling her up frequently to check up on her, adding her to your friends list on Social Media, taking selfies with her and tagging it with captions like —‘God has done it for me, I have the best mother-in-law to be’. There’s is so much more you can do to solidify your relationship with his Mum. Don’t forget the basic like doing household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning etc anytime you visit her home.

Adopt a more natural beauty regime: Ladies, how do you expect your boyfriend to propose if your nails cut him anytime he holds your hands. Or if your eyelashes are so long that he can’t even see your eyes? If you are really serious about getting that highly coveted ring and a MRS title in 2014, you might want to consider trying a much more natural look. If possible, start using black thread to plait your hair, forget your MAC cosmetics and just settle for ‘STAY talcum powders’.  There is a law that states that the more natural you look, the more likely you are to become a MRS.

Hide your private goods: You can always tell a single girl who is looking to settle down from a girl just having fun by their way of dressing. If you dress leaving nothing to imagination, then know that your dream of answering to the MRS title in 2014 by fire by force will not happen. Some of my fellow single ladies dress so inappropriately like it’s going out of fashion. Over-exposure of cleavages, very short dresses will not do well for anyone looking to get married soon. The truth is no one takes you seriously when you dress to expose

Become a domestic goddess: How do you expect your boyfriend to propose when every time he tells you he’s hungry, you suggest Chinese? If you don’t know how to cook, start by preparing indomies. Anytime you visit your boyfriend, don’t leave until you cleaned and scrubbed and leave his place spotlessly clean. Don’t forget to leave a week’s supply of soups and stews in the fridge. Also remember to wash his clothes and underwear to let him know that you are serious about this marriage business

If all else fails, give him an ultimatum: If you’ve done all these and he’s still not budging, firmly give him an ultimatum. ‘Marry me in 2 months or I leave!’. This is 2014 and nobody has time to waste on an unserious boyfriend. By now you cleaned, cooked, changed your appearance and if he hasn’t realised what a gem you are, then he will probably never realise it. 2014 is a year of no time wasting so kindly count your losses and move on if the ring is not coming forth. Repeat these tips with your next boo and see yourself becoming a MRS of somebody.