New Graduates, No Savings & Experience | Yet They All Seem To Be Throwing In The Wedding

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Love is under estimated in the minds of many as its beauty brings greater comfort, inner peace and joy to those who are lucky to find the true coin of companionship.

However without a well laid foundation, love can become painful, disastrous and can even curtail your progress in life. It is not a secret that love grows well within the confines of financial stability—financial hardship can kill whatever love that existed in the hearts of couples.

Money can’t buy love but it can surely make it better and give it stronger legs. It is therefore interesting that, many young graduates I know are failing to give the needed relevance to the scope of love—and without any money, they seem to be finding means to getting wedded.

I attended a wedding over the weekend and even though I could see genuine joy in the eyes of the couple (the groom was my friend from University), I could equally spot a bigger fear in the eyes of friend.

Before the wedding, I asked my friend how he was going to afford the expenses of the wedding since he did not have a job as a new graduate. Shockingly and with a worried voice, he told me, his partner has secured a bank loan for the wedding which they will pay back over the next 5 years.

As a young man, I am aware of the increasing pressure from family and friends to see young couples taking their relationships to the altar. However, I think new graduates must consider their future, career prospects and at least have a little bit of savings before jumping to spend huge sums of money on weddings—which can wait.

I love hearing about the good news of weddings coming in each weekend from all angles, but I think new graduates should pay attention to securing lasting jobs, building up savings and compounding work experience before making the jump to wed.

Despite trying, I cannot still spot the sense and logic in young couples borrowing huge sums of money for weddings which mostly come back to haunt their love, fetch them unending tension and financial worries.

Love is awesome, marriage is essential and weddings bring the dream of joy— but without the necessary planning, you can lose the love of your heart when the hardship that could have been avoided knocks at your door.


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