Commercializing Ghanaian Food, A Clever Idea By Affia Bioh Of ‘Chop Pot’

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Chop Pot (3)
Affia Bioh, Founder Of ‘Chop Pot’

I was amazed when I saw a little ‘chop bar’, selling several Ghanaian dishes yesterday at the heart of the O2 shopping mall on Finchley Road in London—while on my way to Nandos…

Apart from the fact that I’ve never come across such an exciting, well thought-of and packaged Ghanaian ‘take away food joint’ anywhere in Europe, the two white men who were busily discussing what to grab pulled me to pay close attention to ‘Chop Pot’.

Probably, to stay-put with her Ghanaian personality while serving her customers, an enthused woman who I later got to know as Affia Bioh, founder of ‘Chop Pot’ wore a beautiful smile and the popular Ghanaian ‘doku’.

Affia Bioh had 3 things going in her favour. If her beautiful smile did not catch your attention, her head wrapper (doku) was set to do so. Even if all the two failed, there was no way anyone will miss her clever attempt to commercialize various Ghanaian dishes by making it extensively attractive and easy to grab for the road.

While the two white men were being served with several others coming to taste the various dishes (Chop Pot has little bowls for those who want to taste any of the food before buying), I took time to check out the displayed menu placed on the wall.

From the wall, I established that the menu is based on Ghanaian street food. Chop Pot was selling Jollof Rice, Kaklo, Nkatenkwa, Spicy Mushroom soup and others…

Fascinated by the whole ‘Chop Pot’ concept, I asked Affia Bioh (the founder of Chop Pot) who was behind the stall —selling; what pushed her into the venture and how has it been so far.

According to Affia Bioh, the concept is to commercialize Ghanaian food and make it appealing to all.

Interestingly, Chop Pot has a chilled range which are currently selling at Selfridges Food Hall, London. Therefore, any time you are at Selfridges or at Finchley, don’t forget to check out Chop Pot…

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