Ghanaian/BBC Broadcast Journalist-Komla Dumor Is DEAD!

Komla Dumor
Komla Dumor

Information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that, Ghanaian broadcast journalist-Komla Dumor of Focus on Africa, the BBC’s first-ever dedicated daily TV news programme in English for African audiences, broadcast on BBC World News is DEAD.

According to reports, Komla Dumor died at his London home from a heart attack (cardiac arrest)…

Komla who holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana, and an MPA from Harvard University was also one of the lead presenters for BBC World News’ European morning segment.

Komla joined the BBC in 2007 after a decade of broadcast journalism in his native Ghana where he won the Ghana Journalist of the Year award.

Between 2007 and 2009 he hosted Network Africa for BBC World Service, before joining The World Today programme.

In 2009 Komla became the first host of the African business news programme on BBC World News, Africa Business Report.

Komla Dumor was born in 1972…

Komla was married to Kwansema, with whom he had three children.


Tributes are pouring in, a confirmation that we’ve lost another great man—so soon!


Umaru Fofana, a colleague of Komla Dumor at the BBC confirmed the sad news on twitter, saying “BBC World loses an icon. Ghanaian born presenter Komla Dumor dies”.

He then added “What is it about this life that we hate and envy others, do evil to our fellow man and wish others knelt down before us, when we will die in the next moment. What? Why?”.

Former CEO OF Kumasi Asante Kotoko Herbert Mensah has also confirmed the death.The wife Herbert Mensah who is a neighbour to Dumor in London is said to have been present when the doctors pronounced the BBC presenter dead.

Komla Dumor was on set Friday evening when he hosted the BBC Focus of Africa programme. It was to be his last. He was only last week nominated to be the face of the BBC for the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

Komla Dumor, a social media enthusiast had these as his last tweets;

Komla Dumor

Last year, Komla Dumor sat down with several of our Ghanaian Celebrities, giving them the needed vibrant platform to share what they do with the rest of the world…

In April 2013, Komla sat down with Menaye Donkor, Philanthropist/Model/Former Beauty Queen and  wife of football star-Sulley Ali Muntari  on BBC World News ‘Focus on Africa’, where she talked about her ‘Menaye Charity Organization’.

In June, 2013,  Komla Dumor continued pushing a positive agenda for young Ghanaians seeking to make an impact with their works and talents by sitting down with Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Okoro  on BBC’s Focus on Africa.

In February 2013, putting his excellent presentation skills into use, Komla Dumor told the Africa Story TEDxEuston, saying; it is the duty of the African to tell his or her own story, not any western established media house or western celebrity.

In summarizing his presentation, Komla Dumor wisely said ‘the narrative would always glorify the hunter until the lion itself learns how to write’.


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  1. Now this is unbelievable and so sad. Only God can understand why such a vibrant and intelligent young man at the prime of his his life can just die of a heart attack. God please comfort all of us as we are all in mourning as Ghanaians’ and as a nation. This is sad. He touched so many lives in his short life.  

  2. Dis is a very bad news, we hope n pray dat its a false news. Dis will be a bad blow news for Ghana. God pliiiiiz help us n Mother Ghana

  3. Dis is a very bad news, we hope n pray its a false news. Dis will be a bad blow news for Ghana. God pliiiiiz help us n Mother Ghana

    1. So a Ghanaian dies and a Ghanaian blog breaks the news and you are asking where they got the information from because CNN or BCC has not gotten the information yet? you see the African mentality, the white man will always have power over us

  4. i do not believe this…BBC would have reported it by now….i checked online and the only media platforms reporting this are ghanaian….Lord please let this be a rumour

  5. I am not going to believe this until i see it on CNN or BBC Africa tweet something, i have been watching CNN all morning and they havent said anything, this is crazy.

      1. Eff off, dont run your stupid mouth here, the guy worked for BBC and is a top african journalist the least these giant news media (BBC N CNN) cld have done, was report it, if Wolf Bitzer(CNN) dies it will be all over CNN, eff of with your stupidity.

  6. Very sad if this is true,  my very good frien Komla, I met you at MOVENPICK HOTEL ACCRA, 2013 in October.  What could be the problem ?

  7. Rest in peace. But actually any time I saw this guy on the bbc . I felt he was not very  well and seem to have the kind of weight associated with someone suffering from  cardiac failure . Bless him.

  8. Its my wish that this news is false but, if is true I give thanks to God Almighty who knows best.I know
    He will keep his wife and children.

  9. Ooh Korea! May your soul rest in peace. I will personally miss you and your programme with that of your great and lovely charming face. 

  10. Its extremely difficult to come to terms that the supremo broadcaster Komla Afeke Dumor has gone to be with the Lord. Our life is but a flower cos it blossoms while the morning dew waters it but withers when the sun Scorches it. Deepest condolences to the entire family and may rest eternally and peacefully seize u Komla. Iggy Amevi