Mixed Race Baby Business Is Booming In Ghana | Couples Are Paying Over $3000 To Have Half Caste Kids

Half caste


Have we gotten to this stage?  Apparently, some Ghanaians have bought into the concept of ‘light skin rule’ to the extent that black married couples are paying to have ‘mix race kids’.

A new business set up which is making this possible is said to be booming in Accra and that people are paying $3,000 dollars and over just to have half caste kids…

What a disgusting low self esteem!


According to InfoBoxx;

In Ghana, they are regarded as hotcakes. Their complexion put them on a fairly higher pedestal, as they are the ones every guy or lady craves to date – the half-caste!

But ever thought that a time will come for half-caste babies to be bred in Ghana? Well, thanks to modern science, one can have a half-caste or mixed-race baby without necessarily having to marry or have sexual intercourse with a person of different race.

Following in the steps of artificial insemination, a novel venture to create a new society –‘Half-caste World’- on the African continent is bourgeoning in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

As ridiculous as it may seem, considering the fact that the word ‘half-caste’ denigrate one’s status in society, especially in Europe and the Americas, advocates of this enterprise believe the creation of this breed of people of bi-racial identity positions Africa for a better future.

“Half-caste World is founded to transform Africa into the land of riches and beauty, the land of every man’s dream. We believe life began in African and will end in Africa,” the advocates posted on their Facebook page.

The campaign is targeting both African couples and single women who are desirous of giving birth to half-caste babies the opportunity of a lifetime at a relatively affordable cost.

Although the advocate of this campaign has not revealed his identity, investigations conducted by www.infoboxx.com pointed to one Augustine N.K. Boateng, a graduate of “University Mohammed Premier”hotc in Morocco.

When contacted on a phone number provided on his newly created website, he declined to provide details on the procedure and the level of patronage, saying “I just started it and wouldn’t want to involve the media at this early stage”.

However, our investigation revealed he started operating about four months ago from Madina Estates in Accra.

It was further revealed that Boateng provides gametes from almost all nationalities including the UK and the US at a cost of 3,000 US Dollars upwards, depending on the process and the individual’s request.

There are questions about how gametes are procured, the insemination procedure and even the regulatory regime. Boateng claims that the procedure to insert the “gametes can be done both in a clinic and at home.”

The Half-caste babies entrepreneur prides himself of giving women and couples half-caste babies with “mental and physical beauty”.

“A new world has began and it is like the tide, you either swim along or get left behind. You too can be a blessing for the next generation,” he posted on Facebook.

To Boateng, there is what he has termed “a vast racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world” which ought to be bridged through breeding of half-caste on the continent.


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  1. This is not even nkwasisem….. It’s agyimisem…. God is watching……nsefmfooooo paa…..how could people get into deals like this….

  2. This is so stupid on so many levels and you whine and complain when foreigners discriminate against yall in your own country, ghanaians have inferiority complexes like its pathetic and sad. I dont put anybody with pale skin on any damn high pedestal cos they not better than anybody. nkwasiafuo

  3. Am I reading this right? What at all has some Ghanaians become? This goes beyond low self esteem. From bleaching to this? Ghanaian women fertilizing their eggs with white man’s sperm all in the name of having a mixed race child?

    What the heck. Sometimes you can blame these people much because our Ghanaian society has done so with almost everyone on our TV or movies being fair skin or mixed race what else do we expect people to do?

    This is Africa and being black must be celebrated

  4. Well this is no surprise as people will always look to exploit the ignorance of others. I do not blame him at all but rather the entire population of Ghana. Yes I said it! What’s with the sudden obsession with light skin? I remember when I was young I’ll turn on the TV and see David Dontoh, Mark Jordan Amartey, Brew Riverson, Grace Nortey etc. All though their movies weren’t perfect there was an edifying twist to it. It perpetuated our culture and you always almost get a lesson out of it. They were passionate about their craft and had Originality.

    Fast forward to 2007 while at Knust in a friends room; an advert came on for a movie. I don’t remember the title because I don’t really follow the movie industry. But we all sat there quietly as almost everybody in that advert was either mixed or very light. So I decided to address the elephant in the room and asked: “why now only fair and mixed people act in Ghana?”. My friend murmured angrily “Lef them, they think that’s what’s gonna make people buy their movies”. Since then our entire entertainment and media faces are turning light and mixed by the day. You guys really think this has no ramifications on our culture and society at large? Just imagine people working hard at Legon school of performing arts only to turn on the TV and see Joselyn Dumas, Deborah Vanessa and all the other mixed heritage women with no skills or Qualification taking positions that they aspire to be. These talk shows and Movies are causing more harm on the masses (mostly ignorant) than the white man ever did during colonization. I don’t live in Ghana at the moment as I’m in the USA for grad studies but when I get time I tune in to see what’s going on. We are copying so blindly from hip hop culture it’s not even funny. What we fail to realize is African Americans had their Identities stripped from them and have had to undergo centuries of white supremacy conditioning to make them think white is always right. If anything at all they are the ones who need to learn from us not the other way round. My opinion is Hip hop culture is one of the biggest problem facing African American Youth right now. They glorify drugs, degrading women, elevating white women above their own and perpetuating a thug life. Seriously Ghana? IS this the model you want to follow? All this while other developing countries are launching space missions? Really?

    What those in control of the media need to remember is that when we tune in to watch our TV shows and buy our home made movies, all we want is to be refreshed by the uniqueness and beauty of our culture and not to watch the shame they have become. Ghana entertainment industry needs a serious wake up call. This Story of mixed kids is just the tip of the ice berg. And this time we can’t blame the white man because they left a long long time ago.

    1. Shut up you Mug!..

      How stupid are you to blame a whole group of people or an entire popultion because of the actions of a few self hating dumb Coons who are too stupid to even exist?…
      When you eventually WAKE UP if you ever really will, do yourself a favour and send yourself back to SLEEP because when certain Things start to go down, men like me will be destroying useless Weak So called African fools like you before we start on our enemies!…

      The Enemy Within is you…

    2. I 100% agree with you. let me tell u that these mixed race making noise in the entertainment industry are even mere fulanis, doesn’t really make any sense. Our veteran stars were n are still better than these ones getting roles kos of looks, complexsion n really not about the talent. As for the parents wanting mix children, the best way to prove their effort is worth it, is making sure none of those kids grow up to marry black skinned partners frm one generation to the other, kos if tradition can’t go on, then they shd stop wasting their tym. 

    3. This is the problem with African,we hate the truth and will always shut down peoplw qho speak the truth.Kudos to you forbraising these points.I am Ghanian and do not watch or patronise ghanian shows and movies because they are total bullshit.This whole copying of the western world is getting on my nerves.I get the whole light skin business but now this .Come on nation what are we doing to our selves.I dont live in ghana but on my trip there last year i was just disgusted by everything i saw.Ghanians need to wake up to reality,we are trying to live the lives of tv personalities and celebrities when there are important things we need to do both as a nation and people.The kotoka international airport for one neds to be updated,we cant call that an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.Instead of focusing on useless stuff about the western world ,why dont we incorporate the progress and technological advancement of the western countries.Im in an inteŕacial marriage and ashamed to bring my husband home because i have bragged on how my africa is the most beautiful rich continent and on my trip ,i was embarassed both about the airport and the people that work there. Eg. At the customs division the officer insisted i give him money before he let me go through.I work hard for my money and dont believe in wasting it.So for the next fiften minutes this fool wasted my time insteadnof going through my bags like i insited even though the bags were open . Theres so much work we as a people need to do. And it has to start with erasing the self hate òf our skin color.Black is beautiful.

  5. What??????? So ashamed! And just when I thought as a country we are moving forward. Mental enslavement to even think having mixed babies is better than having your own child. 

    1. @ Joy: Although I believe that there are several light skinned Nigerians;  skin bleaching remains a huge problem in Nigeria. WHO has reported that 77 percent of Nigerian women bleach and this is the highest percentage in the world. All Africans (Ghanaians & Nigerians) have been affected by white supremacy & it manifests in different ways including this ‘half-cast’ babies craze & skin bleaching. We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.

  6. Two of the pictures (the top and rightmost)  “belong” to a Black american fotball player. He and his wife got several misscariages and decided to adopt and got a white little kid. I

  7. I would normally defend my beloved country Ghana – but I’m saddened to say, I will not be doing so on this topic. Words have escaped me. I am appalled beyond reason.  My heart is weeping for my future kids. If this is the future the country so desperately pursues, my children may not survive. They maybe over looked for favours because they are black/brown/chocolate!  What a shame.  
    As a young girl growing up in Ghana, often people will favour my cousin over me because of my skin colour. She was a tad lighter. But, even as a child I didn’t understand the reason such behaviour.  I used to think…why would they choose her over me? In my opinion we were both the same – the same age, height. We both had the same attributes that make up a young lady. So why therefore would she be favoured?! 
    Today I live in London and it pains me to read this article. It is difficult to contemplate how 16 years on, this issue still exist and it seems at its worst. 

  8. How can a black man and a black woman want to have a mixed race child, how stupid, ridicous and anti black is that?..
    If they had an albino baby then that is acceptable because that child still has the African nature but just lacks Melanin, where az these these mixed up brats have the nature of the beast about them combined with an african mentality and those two: will never combine peacefully or harmoniously, black people have enough problems just to raise our own black is beautiful Children without bringing these mongrels into being who most of the time cause us grief and are generally anti black because they think thier caramel skin looks good or is nice (brainwashed trash)  …

    Africans WAKE UP and RISE UP or we all suffer like the dogs the World thinks we are and STOP with a lot of our more stupid and backward beliefs as they dont do us any good either when the f  k are we goi g to learn?…
    Call me racist for Loving and Supporting my more intelligent brothers and sisters but its Death or Stand up time otherwise we might as well let the world push us aside totally and take our Motherland because it looks like we havent the will to Save our Continent or ourselves…..

    African for africans not the rest of the world, stinking dirty arabs, chinks, euro trash scum and other assorted Scum GET OUT and stay out as Pathetic Islam, devlish Christianity and C Paedophile Catholicism is doing nothing but turning us more and more Stupid every day and more and more against each other as black people…
    They are all Anti black anti african ways of thinking brought in by our enemies now look at us killing and warring each other for what as the world laughs and despises us and we Still dont learn???…

    I want my child with 100% Melanin not some diluted coffee weak and tasteless…

    1. stop being a racist. At the end of the day we’re all humans despite the colors of our skin. & please learn to respect other people’s beliefs. Islam, Christianity, Catholicism etc. aren’t devilish, they are just beliefs. Thanks

      1. Not being racist im being Real, its only the delusional out there who love to call black people racist when we put our point of view across when challenging others …

        I have beliefs too execept mine dont include Child abuse, or extremist suicide bombing or Christian war Mongering and if them things aint Devilish then what is to you i wonder?..
        I think youre naive and maybe you should spend much less time in front of thd Tell lies Vision and Wake and Stop being part of the Sheeple!…

      1. Maybe you are the one who is Pathetic wrapped up in your own small world while others see the truth and say it so condemn everyone all you want makes no difference to me but i wonder where you will be when our enemies come for us?..  

        And by the way a drum cannot be empty by definition…

      2. Also the fact that you call me and the people who have at least expressed while you have actually said Nothing says a lot about you!…
        What’s the matter kwame, you so much of a spinelss little Coward that you have nothing to say at all, you afraid of being criticised, people like you aint ready for Nothing but hiding so go hide under your bed and stay there…

  9. This is the most disgusting, disturbing thing I have heard all year. I feel incredibly sad that this is taking place in beautiful Ghana. We have so much healing to do.