PHOTO: Jackie Appiah ‘Says’ Forget The Weave, I Am Naturally Beautiful

Jackie Appiah1
Jackie Appiah’s Natural Hair

Star-actress Jackie Appiah wants you to know that, even without those expensive weaves, she is naturally beautiful—and probably wants you to know that unlike Yvonne Nelson , Naomi Campbell and the other celebrities who are going BALD, her hairline is still intact…

With many celebrities going BALD, courtesy of the weaves they wear which pulls the natural hair over time, causing it to rip out by the root—Jackie has probably decided to give her natural hair a room to breath. As we once stated in our article-When Weaves Cause Baldness…My Recent Salon Visit!;

“Dermatologists and hair specialists have stated that the weight from hair weaves extensions pulls on a person’s natural hair over time, causing it to rip out by the root. And let’s face it, when we try to force out those knots in our weaves, we do pull at our hair even if it’s braided underneath. This can damage or even destroy your hair follicle and once you go down that route the only option is a hair transplant, which involves moving healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp to the damaged area.”

Apart from the fact that Jackie Appiah’s hairline is in place, she looks even far beautiful without those long weaves. And we wanna see more of her natural hair.


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17 thoughts on “PHOTO: Jackie Appiah ‘Says’ Forget The Weave, I Am Naturally Beautiful”

    • Why should they not mention her name if she has bald herline like Naomi Campbell? Do you find anything wrong when they mentioned Naomi Campbell? What kind of hypocrisy is that?

      Has Yvonne not got bald hairline just as Naomi?

    • What they are saying about Yvonne is it not true? Why don’t some Ghanaians like to hear the truth. This is why our politicians are taking us for granted because we dont like it when people say the truth.

      I have stopped using weaves for sometime now because I saw that my hair was getting uprooted too. But I am shocked as to how Jackie has her hairline intact considering the fact that she is always wearing weaves

      • shu.t the f… up when sensible human’s are talking sca.ry looking ones like akosua shouldn’t contribute. nonsence, is Yvonne not also not a human? who gives a f.. if you don’t put on weave doesn’t fit your face anyway. You think is because you closer to chris gives u courage to type craps all the time huh?

    • Yes, the mention of Y.N’s name is unnecessary in this article but my dear, you and i know how GC is with Y.N. they cant leave her alone.  Y.N ahunu amane wo GC ns3m.

      • Why is the mentioning of her name not ncessary when they need to name someone as an example and she is the perfect example? GC talk the truth ah and please add the bleaching bit too lol

    • i dont get u…why does jackie’s weight be mentioned all da tym? madam ..this is not hollywood. wai..this is africa.. she is way more beautiful then all those slim halfcaste  actresses here in gh. who r bleaching and starving themselves…to be on top yet they can match jackie appiah’s succes…

  1. I marvelled when i saw this pix. Jackie is very beautiful.

    i love Jackie, but i hate it when Chris tries to put others down just to put Jackie up.

    his hatred for Yvonne is Soo obvious, even his staff has adopted this biasness.

    Chris we all know Jackie is your favourite, but Wen you write an article, be constructive in your
    Stories come out where Jackies lifestyle is publicly unacceptable, yet you never publish such stories, but Wen it comes to Yvonne Nelson, you publish and add salt to injury.

    we are all humans and cant be perfect at all times so stop painting Jackie perfect.

    your bias nature of writing is so predictable, Wen you write a story on Jackie, we all know its all praises and on Yvonne its all dissing and bashing.
    this blog is becoming boring.

    • First of all, it is getting boring but you are here. It is getting boring because Chris writes good stuff about Jackie ? What nonsense. So you want him to insult Jackie and that will be exciting for you? My dear, he wont

      From what you just wrote, we can all see who is your favourite too so stop talking as if Chris can’t have a favourite. If he decided not to publish on Jackie’s so called unacceptable story, why don’t you commend him rather, yet you want him to do bad to Jackie but not Yvonne

      What kind of person are you? Madam you fail bad he wont do that he will rather do the opposite

  2. how you were able to so effortlessly miss the point of what was said, is beyond me. but i’ll explain it for you since you are so slow to understand. she never said chris should bash jackie. but rather stop trying to put YVONNE in a bad light all the time. very simple!!!. do you undsrstand now ? i hope so. now b4 you come attack me jxt know that i am not a crazy fan of either of these two ladies, i like them both and am jxt tryin 2 be objective here.


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