Bandex Eats Back His Own Vomit & Apologizes to Sony Achiba for Saying He Washes Plates in London for Living

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Bandex and Sony Achiba
Bandex and Sony Achiba

Ahmed Banda known in showbiz scene as Bandex on January 25 this year said on Adom FM Entertainment programme hosted by Kojo Preko that Sony Achiba, who could not survive in the music industry, is now based in London washing plates for a living.

However, he could not provide any evidence to buttress his claim. Ghanacelebrities.Com followed up on the story by getting in touch with Sony Achiba to find out if he indeed washes plates as a means for keeping body and soul together, and if not, what reaction does he have towards Bandex’s allegation.

Angry Sony Achiba said; “there is no truth in that. In fact, I am surprised that Bandax who does not know me from anywhere will conjure such a lie about me and throw it out on a widely listened to platform like Adom Fm”

Today-Tuesday 4th Feb, 2014, Kwasi Aboagye of Peace 104.3 fm, hosted the first morning entertainment programme on Peace fm’s promising sister station, Neat 100.9 fm called ‘Entertainment Ghana.’, with young pundits, Osarfo Anthony and Halifax Ansah-Addo.

On ‘Entertainment Ghana,’ Kwasi called Sony Achiba to share his sentiments on Bandex’s remarks and he said “its unfortunate those comments came from Bandex. He is one guy I respect a lot; though we’ve met just once. Personally, I have not listened to the tape of what he said but I called Kwadwo Preko of Adom 106.3 fm and he confirmed to me that Bandex said that.

“However, I would want to give Bandex the benefit of the doubt because I suspect he might not have meant evil.” Sony used the platform to also apologize for using the words rubbish in describing Bandex’s comment. “I used those words in the heat of hearing the news the first time” Sony revealed.

Bandex was called on phone for his side of the story and as a respected personality, he humbly admitted “Kwasi I said it but my intentions were not to sully the image of Sony. I said so in context, thus, due to the hardship in our music industry, some of our musicians have been forced to do menial jobs outside and cited Sony as one of them watching plates abroad.

“Once again, I did not mean to hurt my brother but if he feels disparaged, I retract my comments and sincerely apologize to him.” When Kwasi asked Sony if he accepts Bandex’s apology and he said yes.

‘Entertainment Ghana’ is a new morning entertainment programme on Neat hosted by Kwasi Aboagye of Peace 104.3 fm’s ‘Entertainment Review fame. You can tune in every Tuesday from 10:30am to 12:00 pm for an in-depth analysis of entertainment issues. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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