Fall Of The Cedi Is Due To Juju, Dwarfs Says NDC National Women’s Organiser-Anita Desooso


Are we serious as a nation?

Our inability to dispose off some of the absurd superstitions as Africans does not sit well with the current state of globalization. We cannot even face the truth and work hard to uplift our own economy without invoking God—and now we are blaming Juju and some poor Dwarfs who are probably hungry, looking for bananas to eat…

What a mess!


According to AdomFm;

The National Women’s Organiser of the governing National Democratic Congress has blamed the steep depreciation of the cedi against the dollar and other major trading currencies to black magic or juju.

Anita Desooso, speaking on Adom FM on Monday February 10, 2014 said the activities of magicians, who conjure up money as part of their stock in trade, have a direct effect on the cedi, which is witnessing unprecedented depreciation in recent times.

Citing the activities of black marketers, currency speculators and other people she describes as “saboteurs”, Ms Desooso, who was recently appointed a deputy National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), claimed the juju men, who use dwarfs, stole such monies from banks and other financial institutions and inadvertently affected their stability.

‘Do we know where they get the money from? Do we know what they do with it? These dwarfs, the black magic, is what has made the cedi lose value,’ she declared.

The local currency has been going through turbulent times, despite attempts by government to stem the tide.

Last week, the Bank of Ghana introduced a number of currency and exchange controls aimed at strengthening the cedi, but the measures have so far not yielded significant returns.

Economists and other financial analysts have variously described the measures as knee-jerk, reactionary and too little too late.


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1 thought on “Fall Of The Cedi Is Due To Juju, Dwarfs Says NDC National Women’s Organiser-Anita Desooso”

  1. In fact people like dis woman r very ignorant and doesn’t seem to have any knowledge on finances…
    de so called political parties (npp&ndc) are so incompetent and visionless to de extend dat, they misusin and stealin public funds…how will a country dat claims nt to have money finance soccer fans to Egypt to watch football with printed t shirt havin de pic of de prez….its very unfortunate to have people like these as leaders cuz they all irresponsible….as at dis tym de government is again plan in to finance other people to Brazil which is very stupid on de part of de government whiles other rich nations like de U.S, UK,Germany,France,Netherlands etc will never tolerate dis irresponsible cost and focus on better issues dat help de nation move ahead…. This woman is a big disappointment to all women and de nation as well


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