David Dontoh Could Not Resign From Ghana Movie Awards – Prince Tsegah

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David Dontoh
David Dontoh

The Chief Operations Officer of Ghana Movie Awards has explained to GhanaCelebrities.Com that the President of the award since its inception in 2010, Mr. David Dontoh, could not and has not resigned as reported lately.

RAZ entertainment newspaper reported on Wednesday 12th Feb, 2014 that Mr. David Dontoh has resigned from Ghana Movie Awards with the caption: ‘David Dontoh resigns.’ In the said report, David Dontoh expressed his anger at the organizers of GMA.

He revealed that he was not informed about the launch of the 2013 GMA, that is how come he was not present or seen at the launch of the award. According to Mr. Dontoh, he actually read about the launch from the newspapers.

Quoting from the newspaper: “If I’m the President of Ghana Movie Award and I had no idea about the award’s launch, no idea about the movie screening, and any media house questions me on any platform, what answers do you expect me to give?

“It doesn’t speak well of me, doesn’t speak well of the awards and makes the whole thing a big insult” Mr. Dontoh continued that he feels Fred Nuamah, Founder of GMA, and his team stabbed him in the back. Mr. Dontoh said he has decided to stay away from the awards scheme, and that he’s no longer going to be the President of the awards until better explanations are given.”

When the story was reviewed on Peace 104.3 fm on Thursday 13th Feb, 2014, Mr. Dontoh was interviewed and he corroborated the story, meanwhile, none of the organizers was interviewed. From GhanaCelebrities.Com’s inquiry from Peace fm, they tried calling Fred Nuamah but all efforts proved otiose.

GhanaCelebrities.Com therefore called in on Mr. Prince Tsega, the Chief Operations Officer of GMA for more clarity on the story and he said “first, we apologize to Mr. Dontoh for whatever has gone wrong. Fact is, the Jury of the award scheme which necessitates the work of the President of the award, has been scrapped off. I said this during the launch!

“So in the 2013 GMA, there was nothing like President of GMA so Mr. Dontoh could not have or cannot resign from the award scheme. We now have an Academy and an Executive Academy. Besides, I have not received any written or verbal report from Mr. Dontoh as evidence of his resignation from the award.

“I recall this same issue came up for discussion on Peace fm and Fred apologized on air to Mr. Dontoh. Mr. Dontoh accepted Fred’s apology in good faith on air! Ghana Movie Awards is a credible award scheme.

“We appreciate and respect all the efforts Mr. Dontoh has brought on board till date. Acrimony is not what we need now; after having toiled all these years. We hope to harsh things out.”

We at GhanaCelebrities.Com wish the organizers of GMA do the right thing because the credibility of the award is at stake. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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