VALS DAY EDITION: The Split of the Mind | While Women Are Thinking & Talking About Love, Men Are Thinking & Talking About TONGA…

Run up Show
Chris-Vincent and Rastaman 1Plus

Valentine’s Day does not seem to be going anywhere soon. The commercial success of the day means that, it has come to stay with us—despite several men finding this day unnecessary.

I took an hour out this morning to check out what my friends on Facebook & Twitter had to say about Vals Day—and interestingly, while my female friends were talking and preaching love, the men were talking about TONGA.

One of my friends wrote; “Today, Tonga will suffer paa” and another tweeted, “I will destroy someone’s daughter’s Tonga tonight”. Several of my male friends retweeted  an image with the message “Crucify any TONGA which will  try to be smart by pouring out blood tonight!

To the majority of my social media men friends, it seems Vals Day is all about the TONGA, with some even calling it the TONGA Day. But the women seem to have a different and soft understanding of Vals Day.

For this edition of the RUN UP SHOW, I sat down with my pal-Rastaman Iplus to look at the meaning of Valentine’s Day in the minds of both men and women—using certain social media comments as the starting point.

And this Rastaman really had a lot to say about how women are using Valentine’s Day to milk the men.

Watch the video below….After which, you can tell us what you think about Vals Day & What you will be doing today.


***I am growing my little Afro so leave my hair alone***

***Tonga means Vjayjay****



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