Yvonne Nelson & Nasara: Women In Black…Who Would You Rather?

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Nasara and Yvonne1
Nasara and Yvonne Nelson

Apart from the fact that both women-Yvonne Nelson and Nasara of Ghana Most beautiful fame have BLEACHED off every bit of ‘blackness’ left in them, the two seem to have interesting personalities—and their excessive love for attention can easily be establish through their social media activities….

In fact, they two young women love expensive things and the high life.

Yvonne Nelson recently return from Dubai where she claimed to have shopped a lot, and Nasara is currently out in Dubai too, shopping she says.

Don’t ask me if they are twin sisters separated at birth. Whatever it is, we’ve ‘caught’ them posing in a similar way (rocking it dark) near a car and we ask, despite the bleaching who would you rather?


Yvonne Nelson2

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