Yvonne Nelson Rubbishes Actors Guild & Says ‘They Did Nothing For Me When I Was Banned’ But the Guild’s President Says She is ‘Liar’

Yvonne Nelson1
Yvonne Nelson

Almost 4 years now after being banned from acting by the Film Producers Association of Ghana, FIPAG, Yvonne Nelson has come out to reveal that Ghana Actors Guild, of which she is a member, did nothing for her – solving the issue.

“When my issue (ban) came up, the Actors Guild did nothing for me. They only came, sat, had some meetings and that was all. They did nothing for me. I kept quite but have to come out finally” Yvonne revealed.

Yvonne Nelson made those remarks (Sunday 17th Feb, 2014) when she appeared as a guest on ‘Hanging out with KOD,’ a one on one interview with celebrities and their fans on GH One on Sundays hosted by KOD of Radio Gold and 1957.

Asked what she thinks should be done to make the Guild better, Yvonne advised “we need professionals, lawyers, governmental support and… (Heaved a deep sigh of relief). The music industry is doing well but it’s the other way round in our movie industry.”

To establish whether what Yvonne Nelson said is true or false, GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted the President of Ghana Actors Guild (GAG). Mr. Odoi Mensah. “This is the most ungrateful comments I’ve ever heard come from someone I or the guild has helped. When her case came up, she came to our office. That was the first time she came there.

“A whole team from the Guild went to FIPAG to plead on her behalf. If you don’t believe me, you may contact Socrate Sarfo – then the PRO of FIPAG and he will exonerate me. That is how ungrateful human beings can be. Now she is free so she is telling the world we did nothing. We live everything to God.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Mr. Odoi if Yvonne is a member of the guild and also attends the guild’s meetings, he said “she is a member but, she does not attend meetings. In fact she has never attended any of our general meetings. If she has, I dare her to come and challenge me.”

Yvonne Nelson who is perceived to be arrogant gave movie producers, distributors, and marketers no choice than to ban her in 2010 to initiate their attempt to bring sanity and respect in the movie industry. Her ban was based on accumulation of several alleged incidents of her disrespectful and rude attitude towards fellow actresses, producers and crew members on location and even when off-camera.

Alhaji Abdul Salam Mumuni, C.E.O of Venus Films Productions, who filed the complaint which culminated in the ban placed on Yvonne, confirmed the story to the media. According to Salam, the “Heart of Men” actress had over-stepped the boundaries of propriety and therefore needed to be brought to order to serve as a deterrent to others. “She doesn’t respect,” was Alhaji Salam’s curt reply when asked why that severe action against her.


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8 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson Rubbishes Actors Guild & Says ‘They Did Nothing For Me When I Was Banned’ But the Guild’s President Says She is ‘Liar’”

  1. if i was her, i wouldnt have even commented when asked about it, i would have simply stated that its in the past and should remain there…

  2. She’s not serious…even after the ban, she still rude…why would the guild do something for you if they’ve ban u? Like does that make sense


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