PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Juliet Ibrahim

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Juliet Ibrahim

What is the guy looking for from where he is stubbornly Starring?

Actress Juliet Ibrahim, mother of one and a married woman shared the above photo which got some of her fans asking the question; is she still married?

From what we know, Juliet Ibrahim is still happily married and knowing how liberal she is when it comes to her work and general attitude towards life, this will be one of those funny shots for her—we think.

Do you find anything wrong with the shot, considering the fact that she is a married woman?

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  1. looking at the 2nd pic, i can spot a ring on the guy’s finger, maybe they are just having fun….just like she allowed Chris to touch touch her backside (a s s).

  2. hahahaha…everybody is different , while some prefer decent women of substance,to help raise their kids  and make a home, others also prefer these so called beautiful high-lifer’s who will throw the actual essence of marriage to the marines…and in the name of being celebrities, go about exhibiting their promiscuity….this is not the first time she is doing stuff like this..few months ago on this same site..she had a man suizz her butt.ocks all in the name of proving that her butts were real…and she is supposed to be a  married woman who obviously doesnt care about the feelings of his hubby  and  kids…if this is the price i have to pay for marrying  a celebrity then to hell with it….tweaaaa

    1. so because she is an actress and posts a lot of pictures online,she is not a woman of substance huh……..ur level of ignorance is yet to be defined….smh

  3. i love juliet and admire her style but sometimes i think its just too much considering her been married. she just has to slow down a bit.