Komla Dumor’s Worst Enemy, Appiah Stadium, Apologizes To Him Ahead Of His Burial

Komla Dumor
Komla Dumor

Blakk Rasta, host of ‘Taxi Driver show’ on Hitz fm, today Friday 21st Feb, 2013, interviewed the man tagged as the late BBC broadcaster, Komla Dumor’s worst enemy.

That worst enemy of Komla Dumor, is called, Frank Appiah, popularly known as Appiah Stadium in Ghana. He’s a staunch member and serial caller of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). Indeed, any Ghanaian who listens to radio in Ghana has on one occasion, heard of him before call into political programmes on radio.

More than 10 years ago, Appiah Stadium called into Joy fm’s Super Morning Show (aka SMS) and insulted Komla Dumor, then the host of the programme. “….Komla, Komla why are you always criticizing the government. Why are you always criticizing the Kufour government? Komla are you a fool? Are you are a fool? I’m asking you…”

The humane, affable and tolerant Komla Dumor only heaved a deep sigh and reacted, “thank you. Have a pleasant morning.” The forgiving Komla used Appiah’s insults as a sound bite he played for many years before leaving Joy fm for BBC.

On the ‘Black History Class’ segment on Blakk Rasta’s show, he called Appiah Stadium on the line and asked him, “Now Komla Dumor is dead. Do you regret once insulting him on live radio?” “My words were not sound. Today, I’m not in a good mood.

Today that he’s dead, I’ve now seen that he’s not a mere character. I am more than 100% sorry to him, his family and the entire Multimedia. I’ve followed politics with all my emotions all these years. Now I shall exercise restraint. I and my family are deeply moaning Komla,” Appiah said in an emotion laden tone.

Blakk Rasta asked Appiah Stadium if he ever met Komla after insulting the latter before his demise, Appiah narrated “No. Some friends of mine said they met him in South Africa during the world cup (2010). Komla organized a big party sponsored by him. Those friends of mine told me how Komla was surrounded by more than 40 producers; who were busy fixing the equipments for Komla to speak.

Komla stood in front of the Ghanaian crowd and announced to the Kumasi journalists around to bring a message to Appiah Stadium, that, when he Komla comes to Ghana, he would love to meet me. When my friend came to Ghana and told me, I felt proud that Komla Dumor of BBC could stand on TV and send such a message to me.

Honestly, I regretted what I once said to him on radio. At that moment, I realized I did not speak well on radio that fateful day. He told my friend he would love to meet me during the yuletides but I don’t know what happened to his arrangements. I could not meet him till he died! Today, I admire the way people are praising and speaking well of him. It informs me that I have to also live a god life. I know I shall meet him someday where he is going.

I have a problem in my life. I am quick tempered! If you offend me, I don’t forgive or let go! I retaliate. I plead with Israel God to change me. What I told Komla, if it had been another person or presenter, the fellow would have retaliated but when I told Komla he’s a fool, all he said was thank you.

He even made me look foolish. As we speak, I plead with the Lord to keep Komla in his bosom….” (Appiah, who could not starve off his melancholy, burst into theirs and had to be cut off the line).This same Appiah Stadium is today not a member of NPP. How funny politics is in Ghana.

GhanaCelebrities.Com asks, so if you hurt someone and could not apologize to the fellow for acceptance and the fellow die, does apologizing to the deceased matter? Does the deceased care about the apology? Can the deceased forgive? Can Komla Dumor forgive Appiah Stadium?

Well, you may educate us if you have any knowledge on this numinous issue. Nonetheless, GhanaCelebrities.Com congratulates Appiah Stadium for mustering courage to apologize to Komla Domla. Komla Domla shall be buried today Friday 21st Feb, 2013. May he rest in peace. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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