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Yvonne Okoro11
Yvonne Okoro

Somewhere last year, Yvonne Okoro shared the below photo with us, so some of us didn’t know what she was fully wearing…

For those of you who have not seen the full shot, she has decided to let you into seeing her sexy lingerie and how that body looks beneath a red transparent dress.

If you thought Okoro has bloated out, then she wants you to know things are not that bad—she can even show you her tummy and you will shout DAYUMMM!

What do you think? Sexy or Tacky?

Yvonne Okoro1

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  1. Okoro is it your makeup or you’ve done some work on your face?
    As for what she is wearing, its not my cup of tea, she can even decide to walk around naked and i dont care