Actress-Kafui Danku Talks About ‘Devil in a Dress’, Her Husband Being Her Ideal Man, Her Favourite Ghanaian Actress + Says She Does Not Know of Any Ghanaian Actress Who is Bleaching & More…

Kafui Danku (4)
Kafui Danku

Ahead of the 6th March, 2014 premiere of the movie-Devil in a Dress at the SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall (6:30pm & 9:20pm), GhanaCelebrities.Com caught with the lead actress-Kafui Danku (also the producer) who told us about her role in the movie, why the movie is a must watch among others.

As expected, GhanaCelebrities.Com seized the opportunity to ask Kafui Danku some of the difficult question such as; her take on bleaching among our Ghanaian actresses, who her favourite actress is and her ideal man.

Speaking about bleaching among Ghanaian actresses, Kafui surprisingly said she has not come across any of her colleagues who is bleaching…

Check out interview with Kafui Danku below…


Written and Directed by Pascal Amanfo, the name behind several award winning Nollywood & Ghanaian movies, ‘Devil in a Dress’ takes us through the mystery of life—and its occasional complex presentation of rational truth…

With Majid Michel and Kalsoume Sinare bringing in their long standing experience and talent on board, you are definitely guaranteed a perfect role play…

According to ‘Devil in A Dress’;

Every once in a while…Every now and then … life greets us with a mystery…A complex presentation of rational truth…A comet in the sky…A shooting star…An eclipse…A rare specie of an extinct creature and sometimes, a woman with the smile of a saint and the venom of a viper.

Graceful, elegant, gorgeous and skilful, Sheila is every man’s fantasy. Every word rehearsed… Every move calculated… Every thought orchestrated to the very point where we realised that it has all been a game of chess…
Greg, Martins and Jade are the pawns… Sheila is the queen and life is the game…. but in this game, the winner takes it all…

Friend or foe, Hero or Villain, Good or bad, Right or wrong, With all that is and all that lies between…. when the mask wears away. … All we see is a…DEVIL IN A DRESS”

Check out the trailer below…



Date: 6th March, 2014

Venue: SilverBird Cinemas, Accra Mall

Time: 6:30pm and 9:20pm


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15 thoughts on “Actress-Kafui Danku Talks About ‘Devil in a Dress’, Her Husband Being Her Ideal Man, Her Favourite Ghanaian Actress + Says She Does Not Know of Any Ghanaian Actress Who is Bleaching & More…”

  1. Hmmmmm …she kind of cant really express herself in English o. Tell you the difference of reading a script and speaking English without any

  2. There’s none wrong with her expression or whatsoever, She speaks good English besides is Ghana for Goddamn sake, they are not used to the slang as compared to someone in UK or u.s so people judging her cut the crap. She looks beautiful, and looks like is going to be a great movie.. Jackie will forever be majority’s favorite due to her humbleness and great talent. Kafui good job!!!

  3. Because she is not speaking in fake accents you guys are here saying she cant speak English? Was she speaking Spanish in the video? You are the people who encourage this fake accent crap.

    And why is she saying she does not know any actress who has bleached? She does not know herself too? lol


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