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On The Hunt For ‘Mr Right’ – Getting Your Priorities Right

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The modern love has two phases; the quick love and the genuine love. When some ladies meet a man riding a car, they quickly fall in love with him. If you love someone, you don’t mind sleeping in a gutter with them (literally) because you know where you’re sleeping now is a starting point in your marital journey but with my new generation sisters, that is a no no. Some ladies went on a hunt for Mr Right and ended up in the ‘Husbandless Union’.

And if you are wondering what happened; either they were hunting in the wrong forest or they were hunting during the wrong season – they did not get their priorities right in the search for their Mr Right. Tell a lady who is attending every single mingle/single summit a nice gentleman is ‘interested’ to meet up with her and the first question she will ask is ‘has he got a car?’/I prefer men who dress nicely in suit in a tie’… Like…what the heck…Is he going for an Annual General Meeting? Is that what they’re taught at that single summit they never miss in their life? What a very myopic way of choosing a Mr Right.

Why ask for things and most of the time, the things some of these women expect the guys to own are things they don’t even have themselves (that is the irritating bit). If in your late 30s to early 40s and you’re still on the lookout for a car owner, you need deliverance, a big one.

They use the excuse of ‘after you help a man to succeed, that is when he knows you’re ugly, you’re not… to be on a safer side, you go in for a ready-made man’ – but is a car owner a ready-made man?

You’re on the look-out to settle down and you’ve already assumed what the person is going to be when the marriage succeeds – that is not good signal. I can rent a car and rent a suit and come and chase you; what I cannot rent is the brain to be the millionaire you desperately want in me, neither can I rent that unique quality of having a great potential to make things happen. You can aim high but don’t focus on immaterial stuff!

If you’re going to ask about what a guy owns because ‘you don’t want to waste your time’ anymore, at least ask if the person owns a mortgage free/ rent-free house – appreciate value. Money and material things can be lost within a twinkle of an eye, so, if for example, a lady married a man for what he had…(then), and those things are no more (now) – then I’ll assume that the husband has ‘fallen short of his glory’ so it’s about time to exit for the next available car owner. There are some married men who speak so highly of their wives because in their words ‘they’ve brought a significant change to their lives’, when you enquire further, the much-talked about wives have not done anything back breaking but the little things they did/said were significant enough to turn the husbands’ life around.

There are some ladies whose main priority is to hunt for a married man because ‘the married ones are more responsible’. Did he pop out of his mother’s womb as a married man or he was once a single man? He ‘started life’ with someone before he became the responsible man he is. Some of these ladies wait in the wings and hope that if they’re patient enough and give the men the time they need; they will leave their wives for them. I’m not talking about the second wife aspirers; but the ‘annoyingly’ patient ones waiting to take someone else’s place. It’s not all the married men who are responsible – to some, their responsibility ends in the bedroom to keep the woman happy.

Men marry when they feel the need to marry and start a family (apart from the boys who marry because they just a want a caretaker but not a wife). These ladies spend a substantial time with these married men who have no intention of leaving; some wise up (early enough) and leave the married man alone when they get fed up of waiting in the wings. For all you know, it’s the wife’s ‘wisdom’ which is keeping him and the marriage afloat – who will leave this ‘asset’ and come to marry a liability who knows how to only eat and not multiply?

After a fruitless hunt for the ready-made man, they use ‘The Lord is my boyfriend/husband/’ as a defence mechanism. How can you boyfriend/marry ‘someone’ you’ve never seen? Do you know if ‘he’ has a car or ‘he’ wears a suit? Is the Holy Spirit going to impregnate you? One Jesus is enough in this life.

Everyday won’t be peaches and cream. All goals cannot materialize; some of them need to be classified as hopes and dreams. If you draw up a list of what you want in life (excellent lifestyle, marriage and family), come to understand that you need to rank your list from most to least important and set your priorities right. If you can’t get your priorities right, you miss the Mr Right you’re on the hunt for. Capture a man’s heart and get his world – it adds value and worth to the happy ever after you so desperately need.


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  1. True. Ladies want a mr right who is ready steady go. They’re not ready nor in the mood for starting life with someone who has the potential to make it in life. An insightful piece. 


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