Kwaw Kese Says Fennec Okyere Was More Than a Manager to Him…

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Kwaw Kese and Fennec
Kwaw Kese and Fennec

At a time when people are loosely point death fingers at MUSIGA and its leaders, Kwaw Kese has come out to say his sudden departed manager-Fennec Okyere was more than a manager to him…

With years passing, Kwaw Kesse and Fennec grew out of the working relationship they started with, and became more like brothers, joining hands for both the clean and dirty works.

We cannot even imagine how the Kwaw Kese is taking Fennec’s death, considering the fact that few weeks ago, Fennec was on radio talking about the fact he had received several death threats.

Asked on radio if he had brought the attention of the police to the numerous death threats (text messages and phone calls), Fennec said he was not treating the threats with any extensive seriousness. After all, if someone is capable of killing you why will the person hide behind technology to be making threats?

Fennec assured radio listeners that despite not taking the threats seriously, he had been forced to put certain robust security measures in place.

And all these were revealed during the Fennec & Kwaw Kese-MUSIGA-Ghana Music Week wahala—the reason why people are pointing loose fingers.

Whatever it is; we hope the perpetrators of this atrocity get justice in every form they deserve.

Once again, RIP Fennec!

Check out what Kwaw Kesse had to say…

Fence Okyere

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  1. Saw the interview and I have to say that this is the first time I have seen kwaw kese crying, whoever is behind this should be arrested ASAP 

    My question is how do these GH police deal with death threats and how come they couldn’t protect him there are so many loop holes in this case