Elikem Kumordzi Impregnates NEW Lover + Breaks up With Pokello | Just Like We Said!

Elikem and Pokello
Elikem and Pokello

I am laughing at the people surprised by this news because personally, I am not. All news surrounding Elikem after Big brother have proven that he is a play boy extraordinaire.

And given the history of women he dates, I am most certain he is usually in for the financial gains so with Pokello, I have been patiently waiting for the charade to end and for reality to start.

In September 2013 when the whole Elikem and Pokello relationship took over the media, GhanaCelebrities.Com maintained it was a scam, a publicity stunt and will not last.

We wrote at the time; “Knowing how Elikem rolls, we know Pokello is not his kind of woman as she is cash starved—though she may easily meet the age requirement.

We all know the two who claim to be love birds are swimming in a pool of publicity stunt. But as usual, as African Celebrities who do not know how to employ publicity stunts—they are making it too obvious with their ‘suppose’ relationship.

It is enough that you want people to loosely believe the two of you are an item in an attempt to get media attention and the people talking.

But to quickly jump from there and start talking marriage makes the whole concept WEAK. Even the biggest idiot can see through it”.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard it yet, because it’s fresh news, then read it here…

Elikem Kumordzi confirmed to Graphic Showbiz on Sunday that his internationally popular and celebrated love affair with Pokello, which started its flowery days from the Big Brother house, has broken down.

Interesting news also reveal that Elikem is currently involved in a steamy affair with a Ghanaian lady called Theresa Boateng who lives in Germany and is also a fashion designer (Chief Executive Officer of Unique World Fashion). Theresa came to Ghana recently to showcase her designs at a catwalk held at Royal Richester hotel where she shared the stage at a point with Elikem Kumordzi. What happened before or after is history!

Madam Theresa is also very into the relationship with Elikem. She insists they are very in love and even suggested she is pregnant for Elikem!

“I am two weeks pregnant for Elikem. We fell in love the very first day I met him at the launch of my clothing line of which he was part of the models. We exchanged numbers and we started a relationship from there. It is barely a month since we got to know each other but anyone who has seen us together would think we have been dating for more than two years, simply because we click”. “I don’t know why anyone should have problems with me. For some days now, family members of Elikem and friends of Pokello have been disturbing me with phone calls to stay away from Elikem but all I tell them is we are in love and no one can stop us”.

Another interesting twist to the story is that, Theresa is already a mother of two kids but she says, she will back out only if Elikem tells her he is no longer interested in her. But for now, it is REAL LOVE!


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15 thoughts on “Elikem Kumordzi Impregnates NEW Lover + Breaks up With Pokello | Just Like We Said!”

  1. I wasn’t expecting this now, it a heart breaking, and I won’t drop pokello just because of her hair style. 

    I hate cheating, but I do it small small 

  2. young beautiful ladies will not date good men. they want fne play boys.
    pokello, leave this elikem alone and progress your life, he isnt worth it.

  3. WOW This article proves that you are a hater. You judge this couple without knowing them how sad. Pokello and Elikem are just laughing because you are making them relevant. Where is the proof get your facts right. You have never liked Elikem in the beginning so i am not surprised by the these kind of stories

  4. Eish nsem pii so this Theresa meets a guy within a month and next is to gets pregnant for him?Women can be so cheap sometimes. Am sure some people don’t understand the true definition of love but follow the good looks of men and calls it love. 

  5. They haven’t separated tho, but the relationship between him & Ms. Onnen might be true cs there r pics with captions referring to Elikem as her babe, etc. 

  6. wat a hater!what on earth do u want from these couple,calling her a failed porn star..ure a pathetic man if u can open ur mouth at any angle and talk shit to a woman.leave them alone.ppl like u will just jump for de chance if they had it…hater!!!


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