Over 3,000 Votes Say Shirley Frimpong Manso is the Best Ghanaian Film Director & Socrate Sarfo is the Worst…

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Shirley Frimpong Manso11
Shirley Frimpong Manso

Despite the many times Shirley Frimpong Manso has shown that she is best Ghanaian Film Director by sweeping several of the top African movie awards in recent years, the debate who is the best Ghanaian film director keeps coming up—so we decided to settle this…

Last month, we created a poll with those we all agree are on top of the chain when it comes to film making in Ghana, namely, Leila Djansi, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Socrate Sarfo, Frank Rajah and Pascal Amanfo—and asked Ghanaian movie enthusiasts to vote for their best.

After over 3,000 votes so far, Shirley Frimpong Manso has 49.66% (making up 1,519 votes), followed by Frank Rajah with 41.81% (1,279 votes) and Leila Djansi has received 6.51% (199 votes).

Socrate Sarfo has so far received only 14 votes and Pascal Amanfo has 48 votes to his name…

The outcome of the poll is not that surprising considering the fact that, Shirley Frimpong Manso has become a strong film-making household name in Ghana…

Check out the results below…



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  1. Ok reality check.. Shirley is good but we all know Leila is better, ppl only didn’t vote for her cos she is a loud bit$h…..
    Frank Rajah is just ayt…Socrate should be flashed down the toilet

    1. leila is basic please… she invest in her movies but at the end of it most of the viewers don’t understand what the whole story is about…. shirley is very great, all the foreigners would choose her over any producer… please admit the fact.

    2. Am sure you are leila her self trying to defend her.. Who and who enjoys her movies? If she has funs then why is her voting rate so low? She’s the noise maker not shirley

    1. It doesn’t matter as long as they put a smile on our faces they are considered as ghanaians. After all they have build our movie industry with their great directing skills.. Socrate is a full ghanaian blood and yet adds injury to the poor industry.

  2. Yeah without Shirley there is no Ghana movie industry as at now because the only good productions come from her. If she is not out with something, the industry becomes dry

    1. Right now that adams apple is over is so dry as hell…Am not feeling all this kumawood and others production.. Shirley please come up with something asap.

  3. what a joke. Everyone who says good about Leila Djansi is Leila Djansi herself abi? Lets braek it down.
    Leila Djansi has the interest of Ghana film industry at heart, that is why she speaks so passionately and you call her a loud mouth. Shirleys shoots movies, she and her boyfriend, well her boyfriend actually does all the work, they spend very little money, copy other peoples movies you guys get excited. What has shirley contributed to Ghana film industry apart from making money and buying cars for Ken? Leila Djansi has supported the industry by investing big money, organizing workshops and training and taking aspiring filmmakers under her arm. this woman put Ghana film industry on the map. Even Omotola got a Hollywood role because she stared in leila’s film. Jim Iyke is in Hollywood film which is Leila’s film.
    Shirley can be the best filmmaker in Ghana. kudos to her, but you all know she is not a better filmmaker than leila Djansi. Leila has recieved more major recognition than shirley. She has worked with Oscar nominated actors, she has won a british academy award, even the major film festival AFI screened her film. her films have been to tribecca and cannes. She was even on a panel at cannes and AFI, go and see the photos on facebook.
    Its not quantity but quality. when you mention filmmakers, don;t mention Shirley in the same sentence as Leila. leila is above the crop. Shirley s Tyler Perry and Leila is Spielberg.
    you can say this is Leila herself psting, it will not change the truth abeg.

    1. You again… why is it that you never show up on here until there’s an article about Leila or shirley? Please come out clean and defend your self rather than using fake names.. If you think Leila is on top of hollywood let her be after all not everyone in the u.s enjoys hollywood movies. Aren’t they humans who makes mistakes in movies? Please the fact that she’s in hollywood doesn’t make her silly movies any better. She sucks to death.

  4. abeg jor. who doesn’t know it is ken and shirley under fake ID’s posting stuff here all time and paying chris to brag for them? Leila Djansi’s fan are serious minded people who have no time for GC. I post here all the time under 411 on different topics go to hill. 
    hahahaha. Silly movies indeed. that sounded like you are bitter. Shirley, go and make proper movies instead of xex xex and copying hollywood movies. if going to Hollywood is easy, abeg you too go some. 
    silly movies. you are a certified hater. Have you even met Leila? you just hate her because Shirley pays Chris to write twsited artciles and yu read it and think you know her. abeg go and eat gaari. whats your own if I only post when Leila is mentioned? I will continue to post anywhere and anytime you try to abuse her.  Leila has fans, friends and family and we will defend her any time any day. you are shirley fans because you neva know better tins. 

      1. abeg na hypocrites una be. You started the comments by abusing Leila Djansi. and when someone decides to abuse you too, una dey form victim. u could have passed ur comments without abusing her. that’s all u do on this website. abuse her. u are so daft u don;t know everyone knows u abuse her because you are JEALOUS she is better than you’ll ever be in a million years. go and make a proper movie. my last post. open floor.

        1. Glad this is your last post because you don’t make any sense on this platform. In fact don’t ever return and some of us will forever be happy. What kind of nonsense too be this