Jackie Appiah Finally CONFIRMS Her Relationship With Bobby Obodo?

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Jackie Appiah1
Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah has been rumoured for some months now to be dating upcoming Nollywood actor-Michael Bobby Obodo—but the actress has not confirmed or denied the speculation, not that we expect her to do so…

And for some weeks now, Jackie Appiah has been on a mini world tour, sharing some nice photos of places she has been seeing and staying. With people asking who she was doing the travel with or who was taking some of the bathroom and bedroom photos, we think we have spotted the person who was PROBABLY giving her the needed company.

Looking at the photo above, Jackie is seen on holiday beaming with smile…That starts the unveiling.

Now look at the photo below and you get to see Jackie wearing the same dress and hair but standing with Bobby Obodo, meaning the two photos were taken at the same day—and probably the same place.

It therefore concludes that, Bobby has been doing the world tour with Jackie—it seems like and we think we are right on this! Maybe Jackie Appiah wants us to know now and slowly, she is letting the cat out of the bag to settle the dust…

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

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  1. I believe everyone knows she is doing him so whether she confirms it or not no one cares. That girl cant even keep a man well time will tell. 

    1. She left her son? Seriously dude….I don’t wish for people to divorce but we don’t know the reason why they got married, left alone divorce….she’s a grown up,…she doesn’t need anybody’s permission….for all we know she’s a mother and I’m quite sure her children will definitely come first even before husband/bf or whatever….leave the grown woman alone