OPENED GOSSIP: TV Presenter at Day, ‘Pay to Bang’ at Night | the Untold Story of a Rising Ghanaian TV Presenter

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Not very much of a shock to us—but unexpected, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told about the double lifestyle of one of our fast rising Ghanaian TV presenters…

With a pretty face and a great deal of confidence, this TV presenter is slowly winning the hearts of many Ghanaians but it seems, her night life will soon crash her career.

From what we’ve been told, this young presenter is charging high amount of money from those willing to pay and keep the experience secret for a ‘Pay as you go’ banging session with her. And to cover her tracks, she is very much conscious with her selection of clients, avoiding industry persons and giving more attention to expatriates—preferably the ‘white’.

Though the said TV presenter is not necessarily living over the top as many will call ‘living beyond her means’, our source says she is considering accumulating some cash to start her own TV show and that sounds like the driving force behind her night lifestyle.

“With several Instagram photos showing all that she has to offer, what people do not know is that she sends her page to prospective clients to see for themselves what she has to offer” our source who decided to open up to us following our recent publication about the unending indecency on the social media platform said.

“The thing is, she knows the more men she sleeps with, the more money she can make but then that also means her double life will soon be revealed” our source added.

With our eyes-popping out, we wanted to find out where the ‘action’ takes place and from what we were told, a weekend outside Accra is most preferred or a certain East Legon hotel has become the perfect place.

Whatever it is, we understand ‘Girls Abr3’ but if this TV presenter who has had a stint with modelling will focus on her career, she can make it in a way she would be proud of. If not, she cannot take the compounding embarrassment when her night life finally comes out of the black bag…

The fact that we are talking about it means, it will soon become public knowledge just like the many Opened Gossip pieces

Opened Gossip:

I have left out certain names to protect our most reliable sources. However, I have made this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself.  This is why it is called Opened Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know/have heard or what you have been able to put together yourself. :-)


Photos used in OPENED GOSSIP posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the subject of this post. We take no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Most of these girls on TV are night time ashawo so it is not only his one person. No one respects them because many people know what they do in the dark. Poor people

  2. I used to work as a receptionist in a big hotel in Kumasi ,and I must say its the truth not only tv presenters but actresses,musician,pagent contestants etc,Flynn to Kumasi with these men and flaunting themselves on tv like they are important,but its ashawo by night,I saw one begging for ticket to travel to London for holidays and God is my witness this man told me that he slept with the ladies friend last year and bought ticket for her and he thinks her friend told her so she’s come for one but he will sleep with her before giving her the ticket fare.Chris, if you like befriend some receptionist around Ghana and you will hear news.

    1. Very stupid of you Vic.. Am sure if you were to be around this side of the world your as.s would have been fired. Do you know understand confidentiality and Privacy in hotels? Girl you sound so dumb seriously. Nonsence

      1. @ Bernice u r the stupid one here…must u always insult to put ur point across….she didn’t even name the hotel…so what’s ur problem…i guess u r the one Chris is even talking about…cos for u to take this very personal…smh

      2. @ Bernice..what do u mean by that…u didn’t have to insult her…besides, she is speaking the truth. I have also been a receptionist and u will be amazed at the people(known people) who come around the hotel every now and then with diffrent people to use the rooms…dont tell me they are signing business deals… Its very true….and by the way…no employee of a hotel signs any book of confidentiality and privacy…we are not doctors!!!

      3. @ Bernice, u dey rush toooo much 😀  The lady said she worked in a hotel in Ksi, is there only one hotel in Ksi?

      4. I think you could have replied to her comment without the insult. But hey vic Chris cant hire any receptionist to do what you asking for. That is a pure invading of privacy in the hotel so get that plus the insult Bernice threw at you was a turn off.. I know Ghana has no rules and regulation or whatsoever but receptionist needs to learn to be professionals.

    2. Bernice,maybe you are one of those girls who come to the hotel with people’s husband snatcher and just to let you know I don’t work in a hotel anymore,husband snatchers like you irritated me so much I had to better my self and life than sit behind a desk and take instructions from disrespectful girls like your type ,so I went back to school got a degree,married my sweetheart,had two great boys and managing my own business.i thank God I wasn’t influenced my those rich men’s money,and oh by the way,they always come to me at the desk and insult your cheap asses to me about how easily they are sleeping with a group of friends without their knowledge.

      1. No need Vic, just relax and ignore it the next time, your bigger than that I been there done that and it’s not fun 

    1. James just curious what has ghana got to do with the lady in question, insure those “ashawo 9-5 girls are everywhere in the world and not just Ghana 

  3. @ Bernice..what do u mean by that…u didn’t have to insult her…besides, she is speaking the truth. I have also been a receptionist and u will be amazed at the people(known people) who come around the hotel every now and then with diffrent people to use the rooms…dont tell me they are signing business deals… Its very true….and by the way…no employee of a hotel signs any book of confidentiality and privacy…we are not doctors!!!

  4. This is sad. so some of these girls cannot find a decent man to stay quietly with? all over the place. and i wont be surprised if its that uncle obama girl.
    she dresses like a whore. i guess thats why she always exposes everything. marketing and sales. she even used to write that she is an ocassional shashee in her twitter.
    some of these girls are too desperate living lives that are beyond their pay and class. debora must wear the most expensive dresses and shoes all the time. why wont you become ashawo? some of the ladie on tv are living normal lives without doing things that will cause them to steal and sleep around but the majority are just veteran ashawos. is it by force to wear expensive clothes and travel around the world

  5. This is not new at all but Chris should have named the person so others doing it will be scared and stop. That is even if they will stop. My sister works at a hotel near Airport in Accra and each day she talks about how some of our so called celebrities are following men in and out of rooms. So pathetic

  6. Why do I have the feeling that, it’s that big booty girl with those basketball melons or Sandra the bread head 

  7. Miyagi….i don’t think Peace has ever tried modelling…i have a problem with dat lady tho…she’s presenting herself like more of a sex symbol ready to allow herself to be objectified by men to get to where ever she wants to…perhaps she’s trying to draw inspiration frm Joycelyn Dumas…bt truth is Joycelyn is nt razz….she flaunts her body in a much classy way even though she is nt intelligent (watch her keenly on the One Show) and her acting is not on point too. Lool…guess I’ve deviated frm the issue here….let me run away! LOL