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A good recipe and a good cook qualify for a good meal. In a way, it is similar with happiness. It is not the result of a single factor, but many things in life come together to produce happiness. These include work, play, time with family, and friends, and several activities. But there are also more subtle factors, such as attitudes, desires, and goals in life.

“Why are you laughing and always happy?” “Do you ever get angry?” These are two questions people often ask me continuously, be it in school, at home, church, and other places.

Most often, I do not answer those questions because I think they ask them rhetorically. I want to take today to share with GhanaCelebrities.Com readers some basic things one can do to make him/her happy.

Be Generous

If you really want to be happy, be kind to others. Be it your age mates, old people, kids, and everybody that you come across in life. The caution, however is, do not expect favors back from anybody that you’ve been generous to. (and do not broadcast the good you do for people to others).  Instead of being self-centered, be generous and as well be interested in others. “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” This is a very popular saying from the Bible, and I can confirm this to be true.

Besides giving in a material way, one can give of his/her time and energy, which may be even more appreciated, especially to the aged. Make it your goal to be kind to at least one person every day, and you yourself will feel the positive impact.

Be Independent; Because Your Happiness Is You

When I talk about independent, what I mean is to be independent when it comes to making yourself happy. Do not let your happiness be dependent on another person. I most at times say, nothing makes me happy so nothing in particular can make me sad. This is not to say I don’t get sad. (I’m human, so definitely I will be sad sometimes).

The gap between your happiness and sad moments should be so wide. This can be achieved when you are the person who makes yourself happy in the first place. If you have a particular reason why you become happy, there is the possibility that when that reason is no more, you will never be happy. Therefore, be happy for no apparent reason.

Make Phone Calls to Cherished Friends

Social media has really cut down the rate at which we used to make calls or perhaps pay visit to our cherished friends. If we rely on social media too often, the only time we can chit chat with our friends are when they are online on social media platforms.

Take some day out of those boring social media life and call some friends on phone. Talk to about any interesting topic, and you will see how happy you will become afterwards. Social media is helping us, but if you don’t take care, the same social media will rob you of your happiness.

Care Less about What Others Say About You

What I mean by caring less is not paying close attention to whatever people say or think about you. As long as all humans are not the same, do not expect that everybody will like you. As a matter of fact, all of us are fallible, therefore will have people who might hate us. (Infallible Jesus was even hated by people).

If you really think about what people say about you, that will be the end of your happiness. It only serves you good when you forgo and choose not to pay attention to the negative things people say about you. In that case, your life will be full of happiness.

For me, these are few things I do to keep ‘me’ happy most of the times. Try them; I guess they will go a long way to help you too. If you have other ways you want to share, feel free to share so that we can all benefit.

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