LOOK! It’s Me. Believe Me, Asamoah Gyan…


Have you seen the above Melcom television advert starring the soccer maestro, Asamoah Gyan together with the little girl? There’s something remarkable we can learn from that piece.

You’ll realize that the girl doesn’t recognize Asamoah Gyan and as well fails to believe who he claims to be, until other people take a big opportunity away from her. Interestingly, Baby Jet had apparently given the girl every reason to consider him as that popular celebrity. He had performed his popular dance and as well did a ball juggle. Yet the girl remained in her state of unbelief, indifference, insensitivity and skepticism.

In the end, she is left with a big disappointment on her sad face. By the time she realizes it is indeed Asamoah Gyan, she’s driven away and all is lost.

Who knows? She would have found herself in the arms of that international superstar, been a lucky beneficiary of a fully-sponsored shopping and would also have taken all the media attention that day.

But the little girl was as blind and unresponsive as you and I. More often than not, we do not appreciate what we have until we lose it to others. All the goodies are around us, within our reach; yet we fail to recognize and believe.

Every now and then, we tend to look so long at the closed door that we don’t see that one which has been opened for us. It is true that we don’t know what have gotten till we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.

We live in an unfortunate world where good products are discarded. Even the son of God has been a victim of the incredulity of this world – ‘He came to His own people, and they rejected him’.

Whoever you have is an asset you shouldn’t let go. Learn to place value on others, because good people are hard to find. Hold them tight and appreciate them, whiles taking note that opportunities come, but once.

The next time you take someone for granted or treat them unfairly, think twice.  He or she could be the Asamoah Gyan you are pushing away.

Submitted by: Patrick Fynn, University College of Health, Kintampo | Follow him on Twitter: @PatrickFynn

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