Amandzeba – Formerly Nat Brew Declined Deputy Minister Offer From NDC Government & He Tells Us Why

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GhanaCelebrities.Com learnt from a source close to veteran ‘wogbej3k3’ hit maker, Amandzeba – formerly Nat Brew, that, the latter had an offer from the NDC government to become the Deputy Minister for Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs but he declined.

For confirmation, GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Amandzeba. “First and foremost, our late ex-President, John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, is my direct uncle. So having that affiliation (political) and also being a respected art savvy, he gave me that offer. So yes, I once had the offer from the NDC government to be the Deputy Minister of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs.

Asked why he declined the offer, he continued: “Well, I am still a performing artiste. Today I’m performing on this stage, the next day, I’m on another stage. As you know, the ministry also organizes cultural events from time to time.

I did not want to involve myself in any circumstance whereby people will see the Deputy Minister of the ministry performing for an event organized by the same ministry; they might start unnecessary controversies. People might ask: ‘why did the minister select himself as one of the performers for the event. You know Ghanaians and the way we talk.”

In brief, GhanaCelebrities.Com deduces from Amandzeba’s reason: he did not want to commit what is technically called conflict of interest. Thus, manning a ministry as Deputy Minister and at the same time, select himself as one of the performers for a cultural event the same ministry organizes.

Watch a video of Amandzeba Below:


For many years now critics in Ghana’s showbiz have been crying to successive governments to support the creative art industry. Some even posited that one of the means of getting the governments attention is if players in the creative art industry, gets appointments into public office or political appointments.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Amandzeba had the chance but blew it. Those art-people who had the privilege of entering into political leadership, failed the creative art abysmally; as they could not lobby their way out for policies to be formulated and implemented for the arts industry.

Examples: Fritz Baffour of the NDC is a fantastic actor, comedian and MC. For the records, Uncle Fritz is one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Ghana. He had political appointment but failed to do much for his own people.

Honorable Nkrabea Effah Dateh of the NPP is a professional stage actor, scriptwriter and a singer. Mr. Nkrabea is the founder of Theatre Mirrors – a drama group that has sired personalities like Grace Omaboe, David Dontoh, Emmanuel Armah, Kalsum Sinare, Yaw Sakyi (The Rundown fame), and others. He got into political leadership but failed to champion our cause.

E.T. Mensah of the NDC is a great vocalist/singer. He got in there but nothing happened. Currently, is Deputy Minister of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Madam, Dzifa Gomashie, and a host of others which does not come in mind readily.

All the above art-people got into political leadership positions or public service (some are still in political office today), but could not or cannot lobby, push or advocate in any meaningful ways to help the arts industry.

Do you think Amandzeba’s reason is erudite enough for him to have declined that offer? Do you think he could have made a good leader at the ministry? Are you disappointed in any way with him? Share your thoughts. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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