Is It Wrong for Gospel Musicians to Employ Negative Publicity Stunts/Gimmicks?



Negative publicity which is a employed to obtain attention by most artistes in the secular world of entertainment is creeping slowly into the gospel music industry in Ghana.

First, there’s no rule as to which form publicity should take. However, in whatever form it takes, it can assume one of two forms, thus, negative or positive. Though datable, from showbiz perspective, positive publicity is the traditional way of informing or getting the fans attention to an artiste’s works through; radios, prints, posters, televisions, websites and now social media.

Negative publicity on the other hand, is a form of attracting the audience attention and sentiments to an artiste’s work but as the name suggests, with a negative tone. For about 5 years now, negative publicity seems to be creeping into our gospel music industry.

For instance, in 2011, gospel musician Philipa Baafi who had bore triplets was reported to have lost her three children. The story came with mixed feelings of dubiety. I recall all attempts by then entertainment presenter, Agyemang Prempeh, of Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ to get Philipa Baafi to either confirm or deny the story proved otiose.

Later, the ostensible picture of the story was undraped and what was uncovered was that, she was coming out with a new album. As to whether Philipa Baafi’s three babies died or not, the negative publicity got her fans attention, favour and ushered her then album into the market.

In 2012, another gospel musician whose story had a negative publicity tone is Celestine Donkor. On various websites, social networks and print media was a story of her with pictures of two female prison wardens – they handcuffed her.

The story alleged she’s been imprisoned. After boiling the adrenaline of fans and winning their favour and attention, her husband who doubles as her manager, Mr. Kofi Donkor, came out to abnegate the story. He explained that the picture was a still photograph of a scene from Celestine’s music video. They actually shot the video at James Fort prison.

Just ended 2013 also saw the publication of a story on promising female gospel musician Joyce Blessing. She was alleged to have sampled and reproduced a song originally authored by Joyful Way Incorporated. Analyzing the story, it was full of inconsistencies. Till date, nothing has been heard of the case.

One may argue that the above illustrations are but a few of negative publicity exhibited by gospel musicians, but the obvious truth is, it has started. The germane questions we at GhanaCelebrities.Com bring before you for are: is there anything wrong with gospel musicians employing negative publicity as a promotional strategy? Let the discussion start. Until then…..MOTWUM!!


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