Lifestyle Guide: Do You Love Turkish Food? Try Gokyuzu and Kervan in North London, UK

Gokyuzu and Kervan in North London
Gokyuzu and Kervan in North London

I don’t think I ask much when it comes to choosing a great place to eat out but for me an ideal restaurant is one where you get to sit in an attractive environment whilst eating a good meal that’s also good for you. Then at the end of the night you can pull out your purse or wallet without squinting at the bill…like I was saying I don’t ask for much!

It was definitely a delicious treat when me and the girls decided to try out a new local Turkish restaurant in North London Woodgreen, Gokyuzu and Kervan. Don’t let the ‘local’ get to you, it’s anything but local food.

As you can imagine North London is not shy of several other Turkish restaurants to choose from, in fact on the very same road, there are another two Turkish restaurants I’ve also tried. However the classy looking eatery of Gokyuzu and Kervan lures you in as you are given a view of the take away section of delicious and savoury looking food on display that can be spied from outside of the restaurant.

An already established food chain, the popular Kervan restaurant is known for its delicious menus to most in North London. It’s a mix of Mediterranean foods such as meats, salads, humus Turkish seasoned bread and buckwheat roasted in seasoned plum tomato sauce…it really is just GOOD food.

I was more than impressed with the setting and environment, very classy and the service was great. It’s also plush enough for a b-day, anniversary or first date.

There were 3 very lively birthdays happening on the top second floor…it got lively, perfect Saturday night out. However if you prefer it a bit calmer then the lower ground was a lot more low-key.

I love the Turkish food custom of providing the starters of tzatziki, humus and Turkish bread that you’re not billed for.

By the time my main meal came I didn’t have much room! My only criticism is the presentation of the food…they literally PILE the food on your plate in no particular way, but its forgivable, food tasted too good to moan about it.

My meal was less than £10 and they have family platters going for £35 and a platter for two which is £15…

I’m already planning my next night out to Gokyuzu and Kervan. So see you there…


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