MORAL MAZE: A Law Student Funds Her Degree & Makes £50,000 A Year By Stripping Online | What Do You Think?

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law student
Vanessa Knowles

Despite having access to student loans and grants,Vanessa Knowles, 25 and a law student has decided to fund her entire law degree by stripping—and she is extremely proud of it.

She is reported as making over 50,000 pounds each year by posing semi-n*de for ‘lads’ mags’, webcams and websites and in fact, she has been doing this since she was 18.

According to MailOnline, “she is now set to graduate with a first-class degree from a London university. While other students are taking out loans or forced to survive on Pot Noodles, Vanessa studies from her central London apartment, orders shopping from Ocado and has paid her £14,000 course fees in full.Her luxury lifestyle is all thanks to her legion of admirers.

When the 34DD model isn’t studying in the library, she spends her time chatting with her 22,000 fans over a webcam”.

The Moral Maze is; What do you think of what Vanessa is doing? Would you ever do that in order to educate yourself or obtain a top class degree. especially when you could get a student loan?


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  1. I cant even get mad at her. Do whats best for you. Whats the point of graduating and starting your career with a huge debt ahead of you?

  2. I think this girl is just looking for a reason to strip cos even if she was not a student she would still have done it. To me it is bad to strip down for earns meet no matter what you decide to use the money for. There is no justification for being a slu.t