REVIEW: Ghana ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ is Now A Living-Dead-Show

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E–TV’s ‘Late Night Celebrity Show,’ as the name suggests, is a late night entertainment programme in which various celebrities panoptic from any sect of our showbiz industry; music, movies, broadcasters, comedy, poetry, painting, event organizers, academia, sports, religion, etc. are celebrated or brought closer to their fans.

Though the programme which started some years ago has thrilled its fans with interactive celebrity interviews, it is currently one of the most boring television shows I watch on E-TV and below are my observations for opining so:

Recycling Of Celebrities

They are recycling the same celebs they’ve interviewed over and over again and over! It’s boring watching the same faces on the same platform again and again, saying the same things over and over again.

We still have many celebs who have not been on the show ever before; so why recycle those you’ve interviewed many times again? It portrays lack of hard work on the part of the whole production team.

Pairing Of Celebrities

From the first time I saw celebrities being paired on the programme, I said to myself, these people will have problem with content (celebs) someday. The evidence is clear now! That is why the team is now recycling the old celebs they have hosted before.

Apart from the pairing causing recycling of the celebs, it doesn’t give the host ample time and dedicated focus to probe each celebrity well or enough. Many a time, the programme ends without the host ‘drilling’ the two celebs enough, because, the host either concentrated too much on one person at the expense of the other or sometimes, some flippant celebrities wag their tongues too much – taking the shine off the other person.

The Host Is a Put Off

Though the current host, Leila, is trying her dead level best, the more she tries, the less intriguing she makes the show and the more irksome the show gets. From the first day she started hosting the programme till now, she has not been able to muster common ‘intro’ of the show; not to talk of her inability to ask or put erudite and thought-provoking questions at her guests.

She’s not a good interviewer. Most of her questions are trite and banal! She is not well informed on subject matters and mostly lacks facts about the very issues and people she interrogates and hosts respectively. She mostly gets her facts wrong! There is no art in her presentation skills. She is generally off putting. Indeed, she is the main reason (aside the other reasons) why the show is ho-hum!

Diluted Concept Behind The Programme

When the programme started, the concept or idea was to bring our celebrities closer to the fans – so they are asked exclusive questions about themselves for answers. Now, the concept has been diluted.

‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ has now turned into an annex promotional platform, where celebrities or sometimes non-celebrities appear on the show to solely advertise or promote their events, products, movies, songs, etc. The team should respect our intellect in this regard!

No Wow Factor Intriguing Segments

There should be a wow-factor in anything that we all do. It is that wow-factor that makes whatever we do outstanding, unique, memorable, intriguing, and ability to ensure longevity. Wow-factor in this sense can be one of many things; the presenter, set, segment, etc.

Currently, there is absolutely no wow-factor for the show. It is as dry as a dead log in the forest! ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ is now a living dead! It may not be buried (stopped) but it’s dead.

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Recommendation

The day Dzifa Affanie, the erstwhile host of the show announced her exit, I knew ‘Late Night  Celebrity Show’ will ‘suffer’ because, even when she was the substantive host, any time another person  intermittently sat in for her (when she could not host), her absence was gravely felt. Dzifa was a perfect host for the show! She lived the show and owned it!

I don’t hate Leila, but, I call on management of the station to usher her out. She does not have what it takes to host ‘Late Night Celebrity Show.’ She should have by now perfected her acts but she seems not to learn to develop her skills for the job she is doing. Yes she is beautiful, but, beauty or ‘looks’ alone is not enough for television broadcasting!

I have followed ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ since day one till date. As a loyal fan, I don’t want to stop watching the show; hence, the above is my humble, objective and honest review. If the team don’t agree with me, they can conduct a poll for confirmation or otherwise. Until then…..MOTWUM!!

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