Pan African TV Africa Follows Foreign Telenovela Trend – Hypocrisy or Financial Pressure?

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Tv Africa
TV Africa

I started reading books on African legendary heroes and Pan Africanism right from secondary school days. Due to the African philosophies I imbibed, I kind of appeared weird to most of my friends and even family members; because, I did not accept or believe in most Western things.

My Pan African proclivity got out of hand – as I started challenging my Economic teacher that I don’t agree with some of the things in our Economic books written by Western theorists and scholars. I did not see the sense in eating with cutleries at dining hall; and others.

Today, I don’t display my Pan Africanisms loudly, but, Pan Africanism, remains in my conscience and it shall remain with me till my dying day – just like a non-dreadlocked man once said “I’m a Rastafarian for life but not dreadlocked, because, Rastafarianism is not about the looks but its values.”

One revered man in Ghana’s media and creative art industry and the owner of TV Africa, Mr. Kwaw Ansah, and also a Pan African advocate, who has over the years called on Ghanaian creative art people, especially, in the field of movies, music and fashion, to use our art forms to tell our story, educate on our cultural, traditional and belief systems, today, stands accused.

Though TV Africa is the only Ghanaian owned television station that largely promotes Ghanaian and African values, the station currently shows a foreign telenovela on their respected medium. It is called ‘Mara Crara.’ They promote it even more than any programme on their channel.

Perhaps, TV Africa has learnt that the others television stations have already influenced the people with foreign contents and are reaping huge revenue from sponsors so it does not make corporate sense not to follow suit. Indeed, TV Africa’s action has really confirmed the saying that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.’

How strange money can make us compromise on our cherished values in life… However, TV Africa is not totally to be blamed!

It is only when Ghanaians can change our taste for foreign contents and patronize our own, corporate Ghana takes keen interest in sponsoring made in Ghana productions, government passes the audio-visual LI to protect Ghanaian content on TV; can institutions such as TV African, promote our culture, heritage, values, and believe systems as a people through television sequels and series. Until then…..MOTWUM!!