If You Want to Live Healthier & Longer, Eat Raw Fish with Green Tea…

Japanese food


It has emerged that, Japanese women live longer and healthier, simply because of their diet—-which mostly has raw fish and green tea.

According to a new research, Japanese women live to old age of 86.4 years on average, much more than for example British women who live to just 82.7 years.

And according to the research by the UK’s Office for National statistics, women could push for a ‘further increases’ in life expectancy if they adopted the lifestyle of their Asian counterparts.

The Japanese diet is rich in wholegrains, vegetables and soy – and they eat on average three servings of fish a week, with smaller, daintier portions.

It is also believed that using chopsticks also slows down the eating process, giving the body time to realise what has been consumed, and therefore eat less.

Despite the many existing benefits of the green tea, it is newly claimed by scientists that the green tea enhances several cognitive functions, in particular our working memory—and that green tea could be used to treat dementia and other psychiatric disorders.

The question I asked myself after reading above is; what is the point of living longer and healthier if you have to do so by not enjoying what you eat—simply eating to keep going? For me, it comes down to eating little portions of the things you love so much while keeping a general healthy lifestyle such as exercising.


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