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Francis Sun Essien
Francis Sun Essien

Love indeed is a beautiful thing. For many, love is a two-sided coin. It can fortify or choke, strengthen or weaken, flawless or pauperize. When love is returned by the one we truly love, we soar high. We are taken to heights unseen, even to a different world where it delights, refreshes, and beautifies. When love, on the other hand is spurned, we feel crippled, dejected, and bereaved.

How would you feel if your partner does not show you the affection he/she used to demonstrate to you during the early stages of your relationship? It makes you doubt whether your love is reciprocated with the same intensity. What happened to the promises and vows you both exchanged? Wouldn’t you think your lover’s love for you has expired? The right question anybody will ask his/her partner is whether he/she really loves him/her.

Sun Essien brings to us an exceptional love-gone-wrong song that lay emphasis on disloyalty. He calls it ‘DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME?’ The four-minute emotional track takes us through the love life of two lovers whose love is on the verge of ‘sinking’ just like the titanic.

The video, which was directed by Paolo Mantero and produced by Armonica Film, is out now on YouTube and I must confess, the production quality is just overwhelming. This is the kind of video other Ghanaian musicians should learn from when it comes to quality production. If you are uncertain like the doubting Thomas, click on the video, watch for yourself, and pass your comment.


Sun Essien is a Soulful Artiste from Ghana. He is a real citizen of the world since he’s been traveling around all the continents in his entire life. Meeting people from different countries and cultures has helped him enrich his wisdom and creative Art. The luminous soul of Sun Essien brightens everything around him. If you meet him in real life, you’ll be amazed by his big heart, powerful mind, knowledge, and talent. Listening to Sun Essien’s songs is synonymous to meeting him, since his bright soul manifests in all his music.

Sun Essien is a multi-talented artiste, singer, composer, producer, actor, and writer. Music, words, and images are just different facet of his Art. They all combine to shine in his heart and find their way to touch your feelings through his music.

Francis Sun Essien studied Acting in Stella Adler Acting School, Hollywood and also at Theatre of Arts, Hollywood. CA. He also studied music at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California. Before graduating from these schools, Sun Essien left impressive and inerasable memories of his God-given abilities. He was, and has by far being an outstanding persona of great talent and inspiration.

If you would like to know more about Sun Essien and his music, kindly visit his website: or connect with him via the addresses below

Facebook: Sun Essien

Twitter: @FESS331

YouTube: Sun Essien


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