Music Council of Ghana Punches Diana Hopeson – For Asking Critics to Stop Unnecessary Battle Over the GHC 2million Budget

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Diana Hopeson


Per a copy of a statement GhanaCelebrities.Com has on our desk, the Music Council of Ghana MCG is not too happy with some comments former President of MUSIGA, Mrs. Diana Hopeson, made to a media house some weeks ago and has thus replied her.

Mrs. Hopeson had told Razz Newspaper that players in the industry should be mindful of the way they are calling on MUSIGA to account for the GHC 2m government budgeted for the creative art sector in its 2012 fiscal budget; because, the noise presents the industry as one made up of not too disciplined people and that could scare investors as well as the government from giving the industry another support in the future.

Below is the unedited copy of the rejoinder GhanaCelebrities.Com is privy to (unedited):


It’s at times strange but yet true, that often those you expect to have set the records straight to settle the confusion dust will rather by their efforts cause people to become even more desperate to try and find out the source and cause of the dust themselves, by any means best known and convenient to them.

What is Mrs. Diana Hopeson, the immediate past president and Patron of MUSIGA saying? By her revelation to Razz Newspaper only a couple of weeks ago. And I quote “if the people in the industry don’t put a stop to the unnecessary battle over the 2 million Ghana Cedis given to the Creative Arts Industry by the government of Ghana in 2012.

It might affect the chances of the industry getting assistance from Government and other donors”. The ex-president by her submission is admitting probably for the first time unlike some of the other executives, that the 2 million Cedis whose disbursement and accountability has become “the folkland Islands” over which combatants in the industry are unnecessary fighting and killing themselves, was given to the Creative Arts Industry, and not solely to MUSIGA as a body even though they spearheaded the facilitating and acquisition process.

If she so admits, who are now the combatants? Are they only the players in the music industry or it includes those in other sectors making the Creative Arts Industry as a whole. Who are now showing or expressing mistrust, seems to misunderstand, backbiting and fighting the Obuor led administration of MUSIGA over this same 2 million cedis as she rightly stated.

If a person deliberately turns around to pretentiously question or raise issues over something, he or she is reliably informed of and about with a hidden motive of making someone unpopular or to be seen in a bad light, remember God may over look but posterity will still judge such a person.

However if the concern being raised which seem to be coming from all round including insiders, some very close to even the current executives be downplayed and considered distracting or mischief.

Does she not think that its rather the inability to properly and clearly account for what one is entrusted with, that affects his or her chances of being given another opportunity or indicted and not the call on him or her from other concerned people to whom that given opportunity was meant to profit as she was implying?

What appropriate time is she also recommending in order for the sitting President and his administration to properly account for their stewardship, especially the 2 million cedis in question. The Ex-President is very much aware that the money was not given in December 2013 for her to reiterate in the manner she sought to do.

Sounding insinuation a bit, for if she knows that government is not a Father Christmas, which is rightly so, Then what the government gave to the Creative Arts Industry and accordingly received on its behalf by MUSIGA was not a Christmas bonus for biscuits and toffees or a musical funfair celebrating picnic.

It was asked for and given for a purpose and if that purpose has been served and made clear in its presentation for all those who cared to know, I sincerely believe madam Ex-President will not have thought of making this unfortunate kind of assertion in the first place about the people who are genuinely calling for the proper accounting and disbursement presentation of the 2 million given to the Creative Arts Industry by the government of Ghana.

Let’s kindly ask Madam Diana to come clear with a simple to understand explanation, what she really meant by saying that President Obuor is supposed to make an account after his term of office and an annual report he has not refuse to do? And therefore couldn’t get the hullabaloo going on in the media.

Many I peradventure ask, is it the kind of report or the account she left behind in her handing over note when she was leaving office as MUSIGA President? Of which no one had asked any questions till date?

How impressive, I believe during her tenure, there were deals and contracts signed with some institutions and agencies as well as some private individuals both locally and internationally involving huge sums of money, which she did not even quote the exact figures or amount, examples: when Zain now Airtel mounted their mask which they paid 5 years, how much was involved was not stated.

The ten (10) tenants in the MUSIGA building, Natural Dish renting up a structure behind the building for restaurant operation, ultimate ministry renting office space and also the performance hall for every Sunday with an agreement of fifteen (15) years with two (2) years renewable, she could not either state how much was in their Eco Bank account in the Ghana Cedis and United States Dollars. She just mentioned it, that’s all.

This is only a few, however she quoted almost all the debt she was leaving behind with the exception of the salaries and utility bills probably for a couple of months prior to her leaving office in their exact figures and amount. Madam here you are saying no one should ask genuine questions?

Patron please comes again and if you really care to know, Mr. Bice Osei Kuffuor (Obuor) is not an enemy to anyone to be so badly hated that people will do just anything out of the blue to run his person and administration down.

Your background as a Christian teaches you to even love your perceived enemy and Obuor is even not one but a steward in charge of our interest being the players and stakeholders in both the music and the creative Arts Industry as a whole. It’s even for his own good that if his tenure of office expires and decides whether or not to seek re-election, his handing over note will not be confusing as what you left behind.


Communications Director

Music Council of Ghana


Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG)

TEL: 020617567

When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Mr. George Dickson, he confirmed to us that he indeed wrote the rejoinder on behalf of the Music Council of Ghana. All attempt by GhanaCelebrities.Com to get Mrs. Hopeson for any reactions proved futile as at the time of going to press. We hope to follow this story up for her reactions. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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