‘Either I BLEACH or Not, I Still Have a BIG BUM’-Eazzy

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From the photo above, we can’t just think of anything that Eazzy is trying to say to us apart from ‘either I bleach or not, I still have a big booty’.

I know they say flaunt it if you got it—-and I thought with that, they were talking about sizes like that of Kim Kardashian and Lopez.

Even though Eazzy hasn’t gotten homogenous cakes, she feels like, they are enough to be flaunted…

Check below for another photo…


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  1. Looking at eazzy now ,I don’t think she bleaches,maybe it was that terrible stage lighting that was making her glow.

  2. honestly,i dont think eazzy bleaches..this lady has alwys been fair n it cld be due to her color n the poor stage lights which made it look like shes bleached…I find it sad the way some ghanaians have taken it world cup without any evidence to show if she bleaches or not by raining insults on this poor lady.those insulting her wldnt be happy if it was their sibling ghanaians were cussing…nsuo tai aponkye 3ni aa )gyi wuor 3na anoma )ch3 dua so aa,ogye buor.

  3. Your title is very misleading. All u care about is the traffic it gets u, aint it? Shame on whoever wrote this article. U must be really bored.

  4. For your information . This very picture is very very old. I know this because her boyfriend Keitta used  this same picture a very long time ago. She’s misleading y’all and looks like she’s winning. Come again Mrs Wannabe. Apuu