Dear GC Readers, I Want to Get Breast Implants-Any Advice?

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Hello GC Readers,

I am a regular reader of this website and I even comment on here a lot but I will like to remain anonymous for now so that I can get genuine advice from you all in relation to my dilemma.

I am a 25 year old beautiful Ghanaian woman living in Europe. I am not boasting when I say I am beautiful but I have never been happy about the size of my breast. And this has really brought my confidence level to zero.

I cannot really dress that much because my chest is literally flat like a man and I can never confidently wear a bikini or anything like that. Even though my boyfriend claims he does not mind, I think he is lying since all his ex-girlfriends were blessed with big chest and when I met him, he had a poster of a wet woman in his room. And the chest was really heavy too. He has since removed the poster and claims it was something one of his friends bought two and gave him one.

Now my problem is that, I have spoken to a doctor and for 4000 Euros which I can afford, I am told I can have an implant to a bigger size. I have thought about this a lot and I know it will help with my confidence level and help me be more outgoing.

My family knows how much I am not happy about my current state so they are totally behind me with support.

My only problem is how the bigger community of Ghanaians who I will meet in life will take it when they get to know I have done this. I won’t be able to explain to everyone so I want to know what the general perception is out there from you people.

Do you think I should go ahead with this? Please help a sister with your honest advice.

Thank You, especially Chris and his team for this opportunity.

From: Cecilia A


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  1. My dear sister, breast implants can boost your confidence but it has its own complications. The appearance of a breast with implants is affected by factors such as age, thickness of breast tissue and type of implant used…..Especially when you get pregnant…After pregnancy, the skin may stretch and implants may not create the same appearance as before the pregnancy….
    You might end up regretting that you ever had the implants….most men prefer the natural boobs. I used to feel the same way you are feeling so i understand you but i waited patiently, until i got married, i realized that constant fondling of the boobs by your partner can increase the size and also when you get pregnant…so please relax.

  2. Plsssssssss….DonT
    God gv u that .pls maintain it bf u face complicationz wit ur health later…

    Pls send me part of dat €4000.


  4. I say why not? If you feel it is going to boost your confidence,i am behind you a 100% . Even though i prefer natural breasts,i’ll be much happier if my gf got a breast implant if she had a flat chest. Flat chest on a woman is a no no. I feel every human being has a right to make changes to their body if they feel it will make them happier. So i say go for it. I live in Ghana and there’s nothing wrong with implants.

  5. I say go for it girl. I believe  you love yourself enough to have come to this decision. I had my done seven years ago, and I have two kids. Nothing have changed. The only difference you seen is on my face as am more happier than ever. No need to worry about what others think about you ,they will all soon forget you have had a boob job, trust me baby.

    1. Oh nice. It is good that someone who has done it before is here to give advice. Some people are just talking without taking into consideration how she feels as person. If you have insecurity and there is a way to solve it, just get it done and be happy in life. What size did you go for?

  6. Well the truth is the Ghanaian community are not going to treat you fair.And to answer ur question as to whether you should go Shea and do it or not,Pls do not do it.You never know where your flat chest might take is full of twists and turns.
    It might probably a reason why you will receive your blessings from somewhere.I know we are in an era where boobs and the others are a higher trend now but very soon it’s going to be over someday.
    Aside everything you should remember your health is at stake.Done people do not survive and you also ve to keep up with the whole surgery and that’s a lot of work.If ur man admires it,why bother.Now he will realize you are not confidence with urself which is a bad thing.

    1. Well the truth is the Ghanaian community are not going to treat you fair.And to answer ur question as to whether you should do it or not,Pls do not do it.You never know where your flat chest might take might sound funny but life  is full of twists and turns.who thought lupita,the model will be this famous?At a point in her life she felt she had to bleach but she didn’t and she’s a happy person now.God never makes mistakes darling.
      Your flat chest might probably be  a reason why you will receive your blessings someday.I know we are in an era where boobs and all of the the other fake lifestyles are a higher trend but who said it would last?.Dont get carried away by his exes or get brain washed by what the media pertain as beauty.
      Aside everything you should remember your health is at stake.Some people do not survive with this surgery and also keeping up with it  is a whole lot of work.If ur man admires it,why bother?Now he will realize you don’t believe in urself  which is a bad thing.
      It’s very sad to see black women of today go under the knife every now and then simply because of self esteem.
      Cecilia enough said,Happiness doesn’t come from bigger boobs,It comes from God.

  7. Sister I think you should do what will make you happy in life. After reading what everyone is saying here, sit down and analyse your life and decide what is better for you. There is nothing with implants if you live in Europe. A lot of women you meet each have one. Without self-confidence you will drag yourself to death so do what is better for your life. If you want it, go for it.

  8. Your 25 so I assume your boyfriend is older or a few years younger than you, my question is are you sure your house witches are not wearing jordan’s at night and play basketball with your head. He has a poster in his room so what he accepted you the way you are from day one why would you want to damage your Gods given body stay real and keep it real 

  9. My sister, we were all created differently and for a purpose. Every part of your body was made perfect and therefore need not to change anything. The point is not all men admire women with big boobs. In fact a have friend who dislike women with big boobs. And fact that everybody is going for it doesn’t make it the best. People will buy you the way you sell yourself, so be confident in yourself and the people around you will have no option than to admire you. From a professional point of view i will say you are very lucky to have such a boob size because women of your size are less prone to breast cancer which is the leader in cancer death among black women. I am not in any way saying that women with boob jobs are prone to cancer because i can’t prove it, i am just stating something in relation to your boob size and the advantages.  Also don’t forget that your body has a natural way of increasing the size. Your boobs size will increase when you start procreation so don’t worry keep it natural that is the spirit.