Cannes Film Festival: David Michod’s The Rover- A ‘Brutal’ Revenge & ‘I Want My Car Back’ Over WHAT?

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The Rover
The Rover

Last night, I had had the opportunity to attend the red carpet screening of Australian director-David Michod’s The Rover at the Cannes Film Festival—and apart from the usual clapping the movie gathered from the excited audience, the movie ended with both up and down reviews…

The movie which starts with flat swathe of South Australia’s semi-desert pulls you in with the words “Australia, 10 years after the collapse” and revolves around violent, a brutal revenge chase and successfully transforms Twilight star- Robert Pattinson into a degenerated, wounded and desperate man on a hunt for survival—until he meets Guy Pearce who was on a brutal revenge chase for his stolen car.

The chase to get back Pearce’s guy unfolded with chaotic drama and brutal killings—and together with Pattinson, the two became road killing travellers, taking down anyone who stood their way. For Pattinson, getting his car back means more than the life of even the person who offered to sell him a gun that he could not afford to buy.

Though an interesting movie, the confusion and the many unanswered questions left some of the audience unimpressed, but that did not stop them from clapping…

To me, the movie starts on an exciting note and puts your brain at work but with time, the plot gets lost, leaving you with more and more questions. For example I just cannot understand why Pearce’s car was not simply handed over to him by the thieves when he made contact with them—considering the fact that their abandoned car was in good working shape. And also, how did Pattinson’s character get into his state?

The whole brutal revenge and chase to revive the stolen car was because Pearce wanted something—WHAT?

Check below for the trailer and photos from the Red carpet screening of ‘The Rover’



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"The Rover" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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