Did He Really Say That: John Dumelo Says Playing An Aggressive Movie Role Made Him Somehow Aggressive in Real Life

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

We’ve heard the tall ambition of going to Hollywood from all our movie stars—but the fact is, they are not ready for that journey and as such, there is no need in discussion their dreams on here. You do not go to Hollywood by being a local champion with no zeal to step out of the box or go the extra mile to make it happen. For that, we know it ain’t happening for any of these people—not in our life time at least.

John Dumelo has disclosed in a recent interview that, the roles he plays in movies affect him in real life. And he cited an instance when he played an aggressive role, saying, after the role—he became aggressive in real life.

What sort of talk and lies is this? Our celebrities do not even know how to make good use of interview opportunities allocated to them. So if you play a role of a kick-ass, you finish by becoming a kick-ass huh?


According to The General Telegraph;

Ghana’s top actor, John Dumelo, has made it known that he sometimes gets affected by the role he plays in movies.

He made reference to a particular movie in which he acted as an aggressive husband. “There was one time I was to act as an aggressive and abusive husband towards Nigerian actress Rita Dominic. I was given a script to act like an aggressive husband who was supposed to be beating his wife every day. The character had so much impact on me that by the time the shooting was complete – I became so aggressive. It took me some days to come to myself,’ he revealed.

These occurrences seem to have strengthened the actor who has a passion for acting. The actor who was in the company of his colleague, Majid Michael, went on to reveal his challenges as a new actor.

“There were lots of criticisms, and in the first movie I casted, I was paid Ghc10.00, but because I know what I was looking for I did not complain. I have not been to any acting school, but because of the passion, determination and support I got from people, I was able to make it to the top.”

The handsome actor has already started giving back to society as he has opened an acting school named John Dumelo Film Academy to nurture young talents.

He further revealed his dream to act in Hollywood should an opportunity arise. He expressed the belief that Ghana can reach a Hollywood status if the movie industry could be developed to attain more international recognition.


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1 thought on “Did He Really Say That: John Dumelo Says Playing An Aggressive Movie Role Made Him Somehow Aggressive in Real Life”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with what John Dumelo said. A lot of Actors in hollywood find it hard to break character for months after playing them. I remember forest whotaker saying that he found it hard to loose his Idi Amin axcent after shooting the last king of Scotland and same with Christian Bale, sometimes he gives movie interviews in the American accent he plays even hough he is English. I have also heard of Nigerian actors like Pete Edochie being traumatized and being affected by some of the ruthless roles he has played. While acting in this part of the world isnt as intense, some of our local actors are good method actors. Tell me Jim Ikye doesnt play the quintessential bad boy role well? Maybe that is art imitating life,lol.


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