Stop, Put Down That Heart Attack! Eat Right…

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My friend is 35 years old and she has hypertension. It breaks my heart every single time I see her reach for her pills during exciting days—constantly having to keep her pressure normal. It’s a horrible way to live. I keep trying to get her to live healthier but she will not stop telling me proudly how much she loves her meat. How beautiful her food looks with assorted meat. I asked her today, do you know how decorated your tomb will soon look if you do not put down that meat and eat a vegetable?

Why are we dying from heart attacks? Better question, why are we letting ourselves die? It’s been one heart attack death after another in the past few months in this country especially among the vibrant youth. Why are the people who should have stronger hearts dying before their fathers?

I am not going to mention names because I do not intend to open old wounds or annoy anybody, We all know how many big names have passed away recently from similar causes.

And though it may be a hard pill to swallow, the truth is, our Ghanaian eating habits are horrible! Our lifestyle in general and our health priorities are next to nil.

You will find a man who weighs 130 kilograms still roaming around with his boys, eating chunks of pork and beef, consuming oily foods, drinking crates of beer and never ever knowing where a single gym is located. Never walking short distances, always wheeling themselves in and out of a car every single time. When was the last time you took a walk even down your street for two minutes?

Now I ask you, why will you live an unhealthy life and still be surprised that we are dying unhealthy deaths? Can we make simple changes? Simple changes like a little exercise for our bodies? A little less oily food? Although we as Ghanaians cook with a lot of oil typically. Can we drop some of the beer and pick up juice? Can we eat more healthy meals instead of thinking fats and meats are the best way to show we are living a good life? Because trust me, unhealthy deaths are not afraid of you and will come for you sooner than you expect.

We have only one life to live! Make a little change in your pattern and get big results that will go a long way.

Ghana needs more young people alive.


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